Thursday, June 5, 2008

JT's Stock hits new low!

"Lee Enterprises Inc. (LEE Quote Chart News PowerRating) gapped open slightly lower on Thursday and fell sharply to a range within the first five minutes of trading. In the last five minutes the stock has picked up volume and dropped again.

Currently, shares are trading at $6.49 down $0.16 from Wednesday's close.
The decline has extended recent losses and has taken the stock to a new multi-year low. "

Better start firing people at the JT! I nominate Gery (Im so) Woefull and B.O.B (Ironfist)


kkdither said...

Do we get to vote who gets the ax? Goody! I called today to cancel a subscription!

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose!"

OrbsCorbs said...

If you don't get the print edition, you don't get the comics.

"Mary E. Junck [CEO] of Lee Enterprises (LEE) pocketed a 17.8% increase [in pay last year] to earn a bit less than $3.4 million as her company’s stock skidded 52.3%." -

It's good to be the boss.

Anonymous said...

Who needs the dead tree RJT to get the comics? Go to and get all the comics you want including BC (you the one the RJT dumped because their conclave deemed it politically incorrect).

Huck Finn said...

WHAT? BC was politiclly incorrect? No way. I stopped reading it when it started pounding the pulpit too much. If I want religion, I'll just go to Preacher Blog.

Captains no longer go down with the ship. Their lifeboats are now yachts and they're the first to board.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Hart did get into religious themes in all of his strips (Wizard of ID). But they occurred around the times of the religious holiday. His strips weren't anymore pulpit thumping than that of a non-secular Christmas or Easter Card (or the part in a Charlie Brown Christmas were Linus quotes from Matthew then saying"That what Christmas is about Chralie Brown."
But your right about the captains....Like Ismay, the chairman of White Star fanagling his way on a life boat from the Titanic.