Friday, July 11, 2008

Did RUSD Get Lucky?

"Dr. James Shaw, a professor at UW-Madison, is the surprise front-runner for Racine Unified's vacant superintendent's job. He also looks like the best candidate yet to apply for the job. Shaw has been a teacher, administrator and researcher, served as head of the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators and was named state superintendent of the year."

My first thought was, what's his problem?

My second was, get him to sign a contract before he sobers up.


kkdither said...

Yes, orbs, my thoughts precisely in the same exact order. Wow, wouldn't it be spectacular if he was as good as reported? What a positive boon for the city. Cynicism is hard to avoid when dealing with RUSD. We have been lied to on each and every turn with everything Unified associated. At least Google didn't easily turn up dirt this time.

attached mommy to 4 kiddos said...

some people like a challenge. It would really be nice to give RUSD a chance. Clean out old management, bring some positive change and let the city have pride in their schools, their teachers and their administrators. maybe then, people (parents, teachers, administators, public officials)will take education in this city a little more seriously and our kids will have a chance at a better education.