Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OPEN letter to the

"Do you read lips?" No.

"AH HA That proves you can" How do uou explain that just knowing that one bit of lip reading doesn't make you fluent. Like someon saying "Gesunhiet" and being told they can read, talk and understand German

She tried her hardest to make a point that I was being difficult on purpose. It don’t matter all the dangerous transfers I’ve done. Yesterdays was BAD and DANGEROUS and extremely painful. Why? Because they tried to use a lift with a dead battery. The same lift they tried to use yesterday but NEVER plugged in to recharge. So I asked Miss AH HA if she had unplugged it when she got it. “No, it works just fine (until they put a load (me) on it).” *an aside. My door is wide open. I’m sitting on a commode. One of the GOOD aides just walked in and asked if I wanted the door shut. You know, I hadn’t even thought about it with all the other hell going on.

Anyway, I said this bed lifts you may want to use it to lift as you are determined to get me sitting. “No, we know what we’re doing (why I almost fell out yesterday with a lift and sling not made for each other.) Well, you know what happened when my weight was drug off the bed and the sling went down four inches lower than the commode. While I’m not supposed to put weight on my arms, they sure did in their attempts to get me up on the now higher than me commode. At least all I said was ow ,ow ow, ow ow.

So again….. GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!! You don't ever want to use _________ If you can go to ANY other hospital.


cyndi said...
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Huck Finn said...

I got told I need to instigate the change. I've been in contact with a good voice in the VA system. They can't do it, it has to originate from my e nd. Thiis will happen tomorrow. I may pullm o0rmask mto have this current blog pulled. I don'ttmwant mslander or defamenation suits even nthough mwhat happened is exactly asm it happened. Like reporting the news. My docs have been avoiding me for half the day or about how long this has been on nthe web. They are actually quite good. When the equipement doesn't help[ a select group tbough, and the help isn't trained in that equipement, it's mtime to change to a place that does see folks like paras and quads and have the expoerience to treat them in a safe manner.

Tmw, I'll ask my doc here to talk to my doc there about transferring me mwhere I will be safe.

oh, a throw away e address to ward off assholes.


MinnesotaChick said...

Huck, I'm sorry this has happened.
KEEP A DIARY/JOURNAL of all of this shit that is happening to you.
It's not right. You should have the best care possible. Sounds like you have been taken care of by the 3 Stooges.

Stay safe, I hope you can get transfered to a place where you will get some professional help.

OrbsCorbs said...

Maybe we can hire Rambo to rescue Huck.

Anonymous said...

Sounds scary, Huck. Such total incompetence. It's shameful, really. I have heard otter stories about that hospital. I wouldn't get treatment there.

kkdither said...

I have a story. If you live in Racine and call the rescue squad, you go to our hospital. No choice.

My mom is a heart patient. Her surgeries were done in Milwaukee. All of her doctors are in Milwaukee. Her doctors do not have rights to this hospital. She had to rely on whoever was seeing patients. Extremely bad situation with a new doc every day.

We learned by speaking to her cardiologist (best doc in the world) that the only way you can be transferred to another hospital, is if the current hospital declares that it can't handle your situation. They rarely do that. You are stuck with whatever care you are given.

If you jump ship, get a private ambulance, and move to a hospital of your choice, medicare and your private insurance will no longer pay for services. We were told it could be 100's of thousands of dollars to transfer her.

Huck, I hope your situation improves. Here's to a speedy recovery and a quick release.

OrbsCorbs said...

Here's my horror story. I wasn't going to tell it because I didn't want to worry Huck, but I see we're beyond that.

Mom broke her hip 2 years ago, at age 85. She arrived in the local ER at 1 pm. She wasn't seen by an MD until 4 pm. No pain medication for three hours. They were "busy." When she was finally given some medication, they decided it was too late in the day to perform surgery. She had to spend the night in traction.

Next day, in the pre-op room the head surgical nurse came in to prepare mom for surgery. She started to mark the hip they were to operate on. It was the WRONG hip.

In the rehab ward, a woman arrived to give mom an insulin shot for diabetes. Only problem is, mom isn't diabetic. Mom had to argue and argue to get the woman to double-check the paperwork.

I reported all three of these incidents separately to the "Pride Line." All three were ignored.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to comment on the Huck blogs since I don't know him, or any of you really and I think well wishes from complete strangers is well, kinda hokey but... heal rapidly Huck.

What you all are saying is that this "care facility" is the last place I should go to to medically detox?

A rescue operation such as this may be better suited to the A Team.

Lizardmom said...

Huck, I feel so bad for what you're going thru. Nobody should be accused of being difficult, especially while in the hospital for petes sake!
I hope you are sprung from there very soon and can get back to a much better and alot more cared for recovery, you'll need a vacation when you get out!!!
SERIOUSLY, if there is ANYTHING I can do to help you when you get home, or even BEFORE you get home, knock out a nurse or 2, whatever!! PLEASE let me know!!! hope to hear from you soon - really !!!!!