Thursday, October 16, 2008

A grieving family needs your help - Update on Band and contests!

New Update: I just wanted to bump this up again. We have received some really cool Silent Auction items, which I will post soon, but I just wanted everyone to know that tickets are still available, and that we still need donations of time, talent, cash (to offset costs so all proceeds go to the family)and raffle items. Thanks again everyone!

Update: The band Unlikely Heroes ( ) will be playing at the Sprague Benefit, and there will be an adult and kids halloween costume contest. There will also be raffles, silent auctions and a 50/50. Of course, donations of time/talent/items/money are still being accepted. Tickets are now printed and available. Please let me know if you need tickets.


Original Post:

Today’s post is not about anything political, musical, or funny. Today, I am coming to all of you on behalf of a family that needs your help:

Please join our community in remembering Wendy Leittl-Sprague. Wendy courageously battled cancer for four years and was only 48 years old when she passed away on August 31, 2008. She leaves behind her husband, Rick, her 9 year old son Austin, her 23 year old daughter Michelle, and many, many relatives and friends.

Wendy and Rick met at Acme Die Casting where they both worked.

Wendy also worked at Andis Clipper Company for nearly 10 years. Her slowly deteriorating health forced her to quit working in December 2007. At that time she had already battled skin cancer and thought that she had won the fight but in December a brain tumor was detected. It was removed successfully. She needed to go through radiation therapy but she soon developed more cancer, which sadly led to her loss of life at such a young age. This courageous woman was an inspiration to every person who knew her!! She will live on in our hearts forever!!

We are asking for your help in covering the funeral expenses and also establishing a trust fund for Austin. As you are probably aware, the medical costs for treating Wendy were exorbitant! We're not asking that her medical expenses be covered but just a bit of relief to all of those involved in putting her so peacefully to rest and to secure an education for her young son. A benefit to celebrate the life of Wendy will be held November 1, 2008 from 5:00 to 12:00 at Hiawatha in Sturtevant. This will be a Halloween themed celebration for Wendy and her family. Admission is $15.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids 12 and under, and includes food, beer and soda. There will be many items up for raffle and auction and entertainment throughout the night. Come in costume!

If there is anything you or your company could donate? We are in need of items for raffles and auctions, money to offset the cost of food and drinks and to put on the benefit itself, baskets of like-minded goods for raffle and anything else you could think of. Please look inside your heart and see if there is anything you can do to help make this a success for the family. Anything you can give will help.

Despite our differences, Racine is a giving community, and I trust we can pull together for another family in need.

Please feel free to contact me through this site if you have any questions, or need further information. Thank you.


Lizardmom said...

I organzied a silent auction a few years back, and will email a list of propects to you that I am sure would be willing to help you out.

RWWackoStu said...

Thanks Liz!

We do have a tax id number for the benefit, is anyone needs that.

Lizardmom said...

Most of the places donate as a tax deduction, so I don't know much about the tax id thing.

I just sent the email, hopefully it is to you already.

Best of luck!

AvengingAngel said...

I'll stop in and contribute.

RWWackoStu said...

Thank you AA!!!!! I would like to have a face to put with the name.

drewzepmeister said...

I might stop by to contribute and to check out the band. Do they sell tickets at the door?

] said...

RWWackoStu, I posted this for you on DK..I tried to email you, but it has returned to me twice.You must have a super blocker or something?


RWWackoStu said...

Drew, tickets are at the door, but I also have some as well. Thanks alot Guys.

Lisa, Thanks! It looks great, and I didnt give you the whole address. try

Lizardmom said...

Stu, do they need any help setting up? I'm free that day and can come out and lend a hand if there is anything I can do in that way, please let me know,