Sunday, October 5, 2008

Attention Passengers: Get Out and Push!

We have been joking about the lack of service on airlines, but it finally happened: Passengers on Shandong Airlines were asked to get out and push. The CRJ7 lost power after it landed. Passengers were asked to help push it off the runway.

My next flights are on Southwest and American. Taking bets on what I will have to do.


kkdither said...

That is the most bizarre thing. No way would I get out and push after a flight...they said it took 2 hours to get it off the runway? Ya right. I would already be pretty shook up and have a few questions about the safety of that flight due to the fact that the engines failed. Remember when flying was part of the vacation "experience?"

Anonymous said...

Do you expect the airplane to taxi to gate on it's own?!!!! Hell, if you want that, that's a $50 surcharge fee on your ticket!