Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Im in a jam band kind of mood

One thing I am looking forward to in 2009 is the reunion of Phish. Us dead heads think of Phish as the little brother to the Grateful Dead, and I for one will be heading to "the Valley" to see this show. If only I could go back to the 82-89 Dead shows at Alpine and do them again... Less beer and mother nature and more surroundings and people watching. Ahhh to be young again...

Anyway, please enjoy for your mellowing, jamming, spin dancing late night pleasure: Slave To the Traffic Light, by Phish.


SER said...

Stu you feeling okay...Less beer? That’s coming up on sinful!!!

Although, I do like the Dead and Shakedown Street is one of my favorites.

drewzepmeister said...

Stu,this stuff is right up my alley! Jam bands like the Grateful Dead,Allman Brothers,Gov't Mule,Widespread Panic,Blues Traveler and others are some my favorite stuff in all rock n' roll. I love just about any band that could take a six minute studio track and transform it into a 20 minute concert masterpiece!

Here's one of my favorites from Phish-Heavy Things.

Phish to reunite in 2009? Ooooo...I WANT to go see them!

cyndi said...

I toured with the Dead for a year (give or take) back in 1989 and after attending their "reunion" a few years ago (at Alpine), it's true what they say: you can never go back.
There's no camping, no vending anymore (other than the "official" vendors, yawn! Who doesn't miss those veggie burritos cooked on a Coleman stove outside someone's VW bus? Live dangerously I say...). ANd nowadays, they make you go into the show, and you can never leave! (i.e. no reentry) So you're forced to drink $8 beers and $10 plates of nachos until you can't stand it anymore, oy! (Do I sound like an old grumper yet?)
Why has the world become so much less fun since I've become an adult? I guess I should just be grateful (no pun intended, lol!) that I had the experience of living in my van and touring, spending time covered head to toe in mud while I had the chance;-)
What might be fun is to invite a bunch of Phish (heads?) to camp on our land after the show... might honk off the nosy neighbors and the nuns who live behind us, but it could be quite the adventure!

OrbsCorbs said...

Cyndi's a Deadhead! We are irregular.

Unlike Drew, I'm not a fan of long, drawn out tunes. I like it hot, fast, and nasty.

kkdither said...

It was good...I must be ADD or something. Most probably just impatient. I can stand at the microwave and yell.... hurry up already! As I get older, I just feel I have less time to waste and get more and more impatient. I did get lost mid song on this one and was ready to move on.

Orbs! Hot, fast and nasty? You devil, you! tee hee

Cyndi, I never got the opportunity to get muddy... I'm jealous.

drewzepmeister said...

Cyndi-I'm jealous. I never got to see the Dead.

cyndi said...

Never??? Once was *thiiiiiis* close to making it backstage at a show in Nevada, and another time scored some free tickets in St Louis so amazinglu close to the stage that we could see the band sweat (and somewhere during the second half of the show we could no longer tell where the huge speakers began and our bodies ended, the sound waves were so intense-- as was the windowpane, too, winky winky).
Never was a Deadhead tho, just a curiosity seeker and experience collector...and a darn lucky girl, too;-)