Saturday, January 17, 2009

FEMA Detainment/Concentration Camps

Have you heard the latest rumor on the web? Our government is supposedly planning for something big by constructing camps all over the United States for the detainment of, well, who knows? I post at another site where some loons and conspiracy nuts hang out. (I know, big surprise, right?) Anyway, the latest buzz in the conspiracy community is that Uncle Sam is using FEMA to build these detainment camps for some unspecified future catastrophe. Are they camps for Obama to house all the people he's going to round up after the inauguration? Is there some impending natural disaster that the government isn't telling us about but is preparing for? Are they for housing aliens? Who knows? Here's a link to a Google search so you can speculate for yourself:


Unknown said...

Are they going to save him and his own from 12/21/12?

OrbsCorbs said...

One of the biggest nuts is Alex Jones, this guy: He's a hoot!

Huck Finn said...

Well, just goes to show ya, when folks don't get the way they want, falsehoods and innuendo rules the day.

From a Youtube post.

"F1oridaman (2 hours ago)
couple things... 1) this site is within sight of a large suburban neighborhood 2) i've seen gates like that in a zoo, for people not animals 3)of course there are security cameras if its a repair facility 4) the place is right next to a hospital, and is used for lifeflight, hence the balls on the wires and the helicopter socks... you all are stupid and don't do your research, this is called going with the herd. and why FEMA for gods sake, they cant even get New Orleans right let alone prisons"

Do folks remember the huge numbers of trailers used and left over from the NO FEMA housings? Obama isn't even in office yet, but we have this huge crew of hand wringing, "Obama is going to take our Freedoms away" folks. Can you say Bush, Republicans, and the Patriot Act? Please, go after the crap that has already been played, then lets go after the yet to be stuff, okay?