Wednesday, January 14, 2009

JTI Christmas Party South

Present: Hale-Bopp and Beejay
Absent: Everyone else.
Weather: Sunny and 60

After discovering that the restaurant Beejay suggested does not exist anymore, Hale-Bopp and Beejay found each other and got into a heated dispute over whether Hale-Bopp was wearing red or blue. The eventually "agreed to disagree".

They beat a hasty retreat to an emergency backup bar and grill. No one put ice in their wine. After introductions and ordering food, we proceeded to have good conversation, especially about those who could not attend.

A good time was had by both and we hope you can all make the next JTI South party!


Beejay said...

We missed you all....but Hale-Bopp, my car thermometer told me it was 66 degrees when I left the parking lot. Probably cuz I am a hot mama!

Anyway, too bad the rest of you missed our meeting. H-B and I had some fun conversation and some serious conversation as well. I truly enjoyed the afternoon. It was over too soon.

Next warm bloggers' meeting will be held in AZ! Yep...let's get our butts over there.

Hopefully, you will not stand us up... TJ Carney's Pub in Venice is a pretty neat joint. I wonder what exotic/neurotic place H-B can find for us in Tucson. Hale-Bopp????

Liz, load up the bus...I see a road trip on the horizon. Ser, load up the cooler. Wine chilled, not frozen, please.

Oh, Hale-Bopp, you can jog next to the bus for the 26.2 miles! Pretend it is the olympic race.

OrbsCorbs said...

Damn, I must have misplaced my invitation.

How cool that you two actually got together! You're getting to be an old hand at this Beejay, meeting strangers from the internet. Be careful, girl. :P

OrbsCorbs said...

Oh, weather here:



Why Not? said...

Sounds like you had fun.. great to be able to meet some familiar strangers.. I've only met one person from the internet before and it was just kinda creepy seeming I didnt ask to meet them.. they just showed up.. yuck..

Orbs, that temperature sounds awful... Living here in Sweden for so long I'm actually getting more used to using Celsius and -18 is just awful according to my widget it's -3 here, thats also Celsius.

Would love to be there in the south where it is warm and sunny..

Lizardmom said...

That's so cool you guys got to meet, you're one up on us Beejay!!

kkdither said...

Touche on the meeting report. Thanks for my very early morning smile. Glad it worked out for you guys.

Weather update. A balmy -11 F. Wind chills hovering somewhere around -35.

On the upside, I have the day off of work. However, mom is back in ICU as of yesterday. :( Poor thing. That means I get to brave the cold today anyway.

Beejay said...

kk, I'll keep you in my prayers...Hope everything goes right.

drewzepmeister said...

Glad that you guys got to meet!Wish I was there.

Had to call in work-car won't start. Going to try again before I call the tow truck.

KK-good luck with your mom,I'll keep you my prayers.

homemomof2 said...

That is so cool the two of you got to meet. I'm glad it worked out well for both of you.

kk, I'm sorry to hear your Mom is not well, you will both be in my prayers.

SER said...

I think might of had a little "Ripple" on the rocks.

Darn, first get together I missed.

Beejay said...

Hale-Bopp, we need to keep this quiet...secret meetings and all and the Florida Sunshine Law...they'll be hauling us off next thing you know.

And,Orbs, there was a time I would have chickened out, but you guys dragged me out to the first bloggers' meeting 15 months ago.

We should establish a secret handshake, just to be on the safe side though!

SER, they were out of Ripple, had to do with MD 20/20.

hale-bopp said...

I forgot about the Sunshine Law...don't know where we need to post the notice to make it official!

It was great finally meeting someone and I hope to get to meet the rest of you someday as well...possibly this spring...but no way until it warms up!

OrbsCorbs said...

I love the secret handshake idea. That way we'll know who to trust. I'll work on something for the April meet. Gotta think of something irregular. Maybe we should shake with our feet?

kk, damn. So sorry.

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous Beejay. From what I gather H-B is some what of a hunk! Beejay is a hottie so I bet they lite up the place. The only thing missing was US! I am going 2 Flor. with family in june for my cuz's 20th wedding ann. Hope to see BJ then.......................... Drew YOU HAVE MY # CALL ME IF THE CAR DOESN'T START AND WE'LL SEE IF MINE DOES. I can drop and pick up..................Ser and BJ.........whats wrong with MD and ripple? It's not bad after the 1st few chokes down! Hahaha.....Any who BJ and H_B sure glad you guys got to get together.

Lizardmom said...

Orbs, the idea for our secret handshake sounds likes alot like playing footsie :)Kinda hard to do standing up but anything is possible :)~

AvengingAngel said...

KK, Hope all is well with Mom.

What about a secret password? Something like: "Don't let your ex lax" (irregular, get it?).

BTW, in Newark, NJ, the drink of choice on the street was/is "Night Train". Same "vintage" as Ripple, MD, etc.

OrbsCorbs said...

I always thought of Mad Dog and Night Train as fortified wines, y'know, for the winos to brown bag and sip in the gutter. Ripple and Boone's Farm were the kool-aid wines for kids.

MinnesotaChick said...

That's so cool you two got to meet!

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks Abby. I appreciate the offer:) A tow truck came to charge up my battery. Then went to Battery Plus to get a new one. Hopefully that solved the problem.

Beejay said...

Abby, we will get together and have a glass of wine/no ice when you are here....e-mail me the details of your time down here...

Me, a hottie!!! That's just my age! Hurray for HRT!

SER said...

Beejay...MD 20/20...that is sooooo wrong.

At least you could have had Thunderbird or some Muscatel.

Beejay said...

Have a good flight back and send the warm weather back here...I think you did something with the sun and stars and moon!

Beejay said...

I saw that Annie Greensprings remark and my tummy turned.....Mucatel...oh 0000HHHH. icky.

Give me my Pinot Grigio (Pig's Grease to my favorite barkeeps!)