Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are you one good seasoning away from a cure??

OK, true story, this happened today.

As some of you know, I am the much sought after
object of my lizards affections. Max, my dear, over-sexed,
overly hormonally imbalanced oaf, went thru mating season
back in the fall. He began it AGAIN a couple weeks ago.

They show affection by biting.
I keep his face in control when I hold him while he is
'in season' and glowing orange.
Today, I had to hold him or he would have lost
what little mind he has left.
That was all fine and good. He settled down.
When I put him back, he wanted to show me just how
must he loves me..., so I kept his tail
between me and his mouth.
Somehow, the chowder-head managed to
get my index finger. Not deep, just 4 - 1" scratches that
wouldn't stop bleeding. BOOGER!!!

I just happened to be on Facebook with a friend
from England, a lizard guy.
I told him what Max had done, and he popped out with
a very strange yet insanely effective home remedy to
stop the bleeding. It worked instantly
(after going thru 5 bandages prior)


He said to sprinkle pepper on it. It stopped the bleeding,
and it is said to keep it from scarring.

Who knew??

At work I am known for my 'odd' cures, but they work.

SUGAR - stops hiccups, every time.

Throw it to the back of your throat and
swallow fast and hard and they just stop.

So, in my home remedy arsenal, I have sugar and pepper.

What else am I missing?
I seasoned my finger and lived.


OrbsCorbs said...

Never heard of that. I'll try it next time I get a cut.

Pepper can also fix a leaky automotive radiator, just like Barr's Leak or other fixes in a can. Put in a couple teaspoons, more if necessary.

Btw, all those "fixes" just clog the cooling system, so get it repaired/replaced properly as soon as possible.

MinnesotaChick said...

A nice big spoonful of peanut butter will cure hiccups too.

Did the pepper hurt at all?

kkdither said...

I've always heard meat tenderizer on a bee sting. Never tried it to confirm though.

AvengingAngel said...

I've heard tons of money improves your sex appeal, but that might just be cynical.

david Booker said...

hey all greetings from England glad that you all could benefit from my weird and wonderful cure the "pepper trick" was actually given to me by an old horseman friend of mine a few yrs ago i tried it once and it works so have used it ever since. the most fun part of it is when you try usuing it on a shaving cut. as most of us guys know these cut bleed like mad, just be prepared for a sneezing fit if you have a cut on the top lip!!!look forward to more comments on this ( and other)home remdies take care and have fun

david Booker said...

p.s cant type to save my life so sorry for the typo's

kkdither said...

LOL AA, isn't that just frosting on the cake?

Lizardmom said...

David, I'm still alive and well. Thanks again for the odd cure, but now I know for next time
(max may be in season for a while yet...)

BTW David- welcome to this side of the pond and our site!

DA, it didn't hurt, just a tiny sting but not bad!