Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the Office of Superintendent, Racine Unified School District

We at Racine Unified School District firmly believe that "No Student shall be Left Behind".

It has been brought to my attention, on several occasions; we have students who have learned everything there is to know.

If you have one of the children attending Racine Unified School District, you as parents/legal guardians may receive a letter by special carrier. The actions of this letter WILL BE EFFECTIVE WITH THE DATE LISTED ON IT. See attached.

Thank you for allowing Racine Unified School District in the education of your child.

Mister Potato Head
Racine Unified School District

Please refer to:
JT IRREGULARS: Texting Leads to Arrest of Teen#links


AvengingAngel said...

Hey, Who's our Valedictorian?

OrbsCorbs said...

Remember vocational school? You could ship the troublemakers off to vocational school where big, beefy teachers would "instruct" them. Too bad there aren't any jobs or vocations in the US anymore.