Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kudos to the Journal Sentinel

Here is a newspaper that is embracing the future! Good for the Journal Sentinel for having insight that can do nothing but propel them forward. They have continuously done a better job of posting our local news than the newspaper we must call our own.

Too bad The Racine Journal Times can't see the value of public input. Instead, they look at anyone posting anything of interest as competition and an infringement of their territory. They choose to threaten legal action. They choose to attempt to silence and control that which is not in their control.

Hats off and best wishes to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for a great attitude and a great article!


OrbsCorbs said...

kk, you're not the only one to notice that the JS has become one hell of a newspaper:

The JS's Watchdog Reports are what newspapers do best, and thank God that someone in southeast Wisconsin is actually interested in investigative journalism. I put a link to the watchdog reports in the JTI's local news sidebar a few days ago and I HEARTILY encourage all whistleblowers and interested citizens to check them out: If you know of waste, fraud, or other corruption or misuse of funds in Racine, don't bother with the Journal Times (they don't care; they're not even from Racine) or local officials (they just want to cover-up, like McReynold's original response to the childcare fraud in Human Services) - TELL the Journal Sentinel: they will listen and they will investigate.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Journal Sentinel.

The Sheriff said...

I sent an email to the Journal Sentinel public investigative team thanking them for providing this service to southeast Wisconsin. Links to the Racine Post's blog and this one were included.

Lizardmom said...

worthy of a standing ovation!!