Thursday, February 19, 2009

Off to Spacefest...

I won't be here much the next few days...I am off to Spacefest in San Diego, a three day celebration of all thing space with an emphasis on manned space exploration. I'll be hanging out with old friends like Phil Plait.

There is an astronaut lunch on Saturday...I am seated at Buzz Aldrin's table. Saturday night I will be having dinner with one of the original Mercury 7, Scott Carpenter.

I may post an update here and there, but you might not see me much for the next couple of days!


kkdither said...

Sure honey, go off and play with your REAL friends. We'll be here when you need us.... :)

Have a good time! Say hi to Buzz for all of us irregulars if you get the chance.

AvengingAngel said...

Did Scott Carpenter have to lose weight before he went into space? Oh, never mind, that was Karen.

SER said...

Be nice AA, you know she is a little cutie.

Although, the next get together we have and if the Boppster can make it, we will have to have it at some place that has double doors so his head will fit through!

Have a good trip HB, it’s gotta be a great adventure.

OrbsCorbs said...

Peace, love and rocket ships.