Monday, March 23, 2009

Racine Live

We received this email today:

Racine Live

New events/entertainment site in Racine. Check it out!

Best Regards,
Nancy at

I checked it out, and it looks like a nice online resource for the community. So, check it out!


The Sheriff said...

And don't forget our own events calendar near the bottom of the main page.

drewzepmeister said...

Thanks Sheriff!! I've just saved it on my favorites!

kkdither said...

Just as a reminder... the JTI calendar can be updated by anyone with pertinent information. As with all JTI entries, anything hurtful, too slanderous or malicious will be removed. After we laugh of course! ;>

Feel free to add your birthday. We are brewing up a birthday bash get together. There have been quite a few people who are a year older than when we saw them last. I'm planning on baking a cake, so come on out!