Saturday, April 4, 2009

Helding Admits to "Backroom Deals" During Becker's Administration

This blog on the Insider News site intrigued me:

At 19 seconds into his YouTube campaign video, Greg Helding states, "I'll end the backroom deals, and bring full transparency and accountability to city government."

As the Insider News blog asks, WHAT backroom deals is Mr. Helding referring to? Why hasn't he or any of the other aldermen running for mayor mentioned these deals before? Why haven't they stepped up to stop such illegal actions on the part of city government during their years in office? They have been part of the wheeling and dealing at City Hall since the beginning of Becker's terms.

The politics and corruption in this city are filthy and disgusting. These are Racine's "leaders," our elected representatives: lying weasels.

Party on, Racine! The Beckerphile will be back in 2011, restored to his full majesty and glory.


kkdither said...

Aren't there always backroom deals? Isn't nepotism still alive and well? Doesn't who you know mean more than what you know? Good ole boys networks, unfortunately, are the way things work. I don't put that much into what he said at 19 seconds.

OrbsCorbs said...

He's an alderman. He's running for mayor. He says he will END the "backroom deals." I know, I know, I'm taking my high school civics lessons way too seriously. I'm acting like the people who elect a person to office have a right to know about illegal government activities that that person discovers. You're right, though, it's just Racine, so the electorate has no rights.

Party on!

Anonymous said...

ALL the aldermen are A-Holes! They are a worthless cocky bunch who think that they walk on water. Party On!!

SER said...

In light of all the crap about Becker, I feel deeper investigations into his time as mayor is NEEDED and the people of Racine need to hear, whether good or bad what he did as mayor. Along with all the other politicians that where “in bed” with him.

Unknown said...

I think NO matter what we (the small) say holds no meaning to them.... we won the vote for NO OT for police officers and they got it anyways.......what good is our vote?.................even our say now means nothing.....That was when I said F--- it.......back door dealings my ASS.they do it right in our's like the're saying .GO AHEAD........ VOTE ON IT....WE"LL GET IT ANYWAYS..HAHAHA.