Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"BREAKING NEWS:" Journal Times may have been played again

"RACINE — The jail inmate who gave birth in her cell last month may have caused herself to go into premature labor with the intent to file a lawsuit against Racine County, Sheriff Bob Carlson said Tuesday.

"At a 10 a.m. press conference at the Law Enforcement Center, 717 Wisconsin Ave., Carlson released video of inmate Melissa Woten doing handstands in her cell just hours before she gave birth in her cell toilet. He also released statements from other inmates who said Woten had hit herself in the stomach and that she wanted to give birth in the jail, so she could go to the hospital."


Looks like the Journal Times' latest cause du jour may turn out like the T.J. Melendez debacle: once again they backed the supposed "victim," when it may very well be that she was the perpetrator. They've given extensive coverage to Ms. Woten and her allegations, including front page coverage of her child's funeral. Most of the online coverage has been closed to comments.

They did this with T.J. Melendez' mother, portraying her as a martyr to ganbanging when in fact she was actively promoting the lifestyle that killed her son. Of course, when I pointed that out on the Journal Times' site, I was banned.

Who are the people at the Journal Times? Do they know anything about street life in Racine, Wisconsin? How is it that the people who are supposed to be reporting the news of our community understand so little about our community?

Today, they once again moderated one of Winger's comments, not because it was profane or a personal attack, but because they disagreed with his opinion:
"Moderator's note:
Let us celebrate positive accomplishments, and not make mean-spirited comments about strangers who are bettering themselves."
See, the comment section of the Journal Times is for your opinion, as long as that opinion is the same as the Journal Times' opinion.

At the Journal Times, "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Oink-oink, Journal Times, oink-oink.


happy hippy chick said...

Isnt it the media's job to make a big friggin deal out of every little things and the things that are a big deal little??? Frankly, I dont feel sorry for either one of the "victims". If your doing handstands and hitting yourself in the stomach while in labor are you going to sue yourself for self inflicted child abuse? Can you say STUPID? And if you want to make a gang-banger out to be a martyr, I would have you ask yourself what the hell your kid did that was so frigging great? Dead kid a hero? Doesnt say too much for the up and coming generation. Funny it didnt say how old the mom was... She was probably just a kid herself. My opinion is, Kids now adays are having children too young. They have no morals, no knowlege of right and wrong and above all NO RESPECT. Pretty sad if you ask me!

OrbsCorbs said...

I don't know much about pregnancy. Is doing headstands a known method of inducing labor? I never heard of it.

kkdither said...

I guess bob really is still with the JT. It disgusts me that they allow comments... but only if they agree with their opinion. I can understand deleting trolling or libelous comments... but not differing opinions.

I don't understand why Winger continues to put up with the JT. He is welcome here. While you may not always agree or like what he has to say, he speaks his mind and it is usually reasonable and generally true.

Why Not? said...

I have never heard of headstands.. I tried the most of the tricks when I was 2 weeks overdue with my oldest daugther, but no headstands.. not that I could do headstands normally especially not while pregnant.

OKIE said...

Although I've never had children I cannot imagine a woman who is 9 months pregnant being able to do that kind of hand stand. This girls sounds like a party girl who needs to have one of those 5 year birth control devices implanted in her. How many pregnancies has she had anyway?

kkdither said...

The whole thing makes me nauseous. I had 3 children. My twins were first. I was on bedrest for 4 1/2 months to keep them healthy. A normal human sacrifices or does whatever it takes for the safety and health of their unborn child/ren.

With the weight distribution at the end of her term, I find it amazing she could do a handstand. Relieveing the pressure on the cervix? Please. Who would even think to attempt such a dangerous stunt like that?

The question that arises, and others have pointed out, if they were monitoring... they do have some video, why didn't they intervene when they saw these acrobatic attempts? Sick, sick, sick.

I believe both sides are culpable. Big time! There is more to this story than we are privy to.

The loser here is the infant. It never had a chance. If it would have been born with a mother like that, it would probably have led a very sad life.

SER said...


This young lady must have the mind of a minnow......

Anonymous said...

I just heard that she did head stands to stop the baby from coming out. It's a good thing we have this to comment about. It takes our mind off of Doyle, Becker and Obama. With her past reputation this should be very interesting.

AvengingAngel said...

RJT just seems to be taking sides, rather than reporting. When you take sides, it sometimes blows up in your face.

Unknown said...

This stupid bitch is 20 and should know better. I heard she was 5 weeks early and had a history of early labor. This was her 6th pregnancy; she has 2 kids in the system and is not allowed near them. She's a junkie and I believe she just wanted a hospital stay. I am appalled at hearing she was punching herself in the stomach.....That means that poor little life inside her was getting beaten before birth.......If they find out she was in fact trying to kill this baby she should be charged with murder and never be let out again. If any thing she should have her tubes tied..........

WHYNOT.......I too was 10 days late with the first one.....8 lbs 6 oz.......pushed for 3 hours. Now I can't imagine my life without her.

Beejay said...

Abby, and a doll she is!

I have to wonder about this entire thing....no one in their right mind would stand on their head when they are that far along, would they? I can't imagine!

I guess we'll have to wait and watch how this drama all plays out.

Joe said...

Hey guys, just a heads up, watch how much content you use from the JT site. In a letter received in our offices today, (see below short version) We have not used anything from the JT site in months, we published one article sent to our GotNews e-mail address and this is what we get!

Dear Mr. Tittin:

Our law firm represents the Racine Journal Times. We have been contacted regarding RacineNews.org’s continued inappropriate use of copyrighted news articles. Upon a review of the documents it appears the “Racine News team” from RacineNews.org have taken articles/stories prepared by the Racine Journal Times and published them, as its own, under the e-mail publication RacineNews.org.

(a lot of legal mumbo jumbo removed)

In this case, the court may well find that there is a “willful” infringement. Clearly, the Racine Journal Times has communicated with you regarding your prior activities. This letter should be considered an immediate “cease and desist” from copying or infringing upon the efforts of the authors supplying articles for the Racine Journal Times. Please communicate immediately to the undersigned that you have received this message and that you will, in fact, cease and desist from publishing your “articles” from the hard work of the employees of the Racine Journal Times. In addition we will need you to explain your policies so as to ensure this activity will not happen in the future. In the event the Racine Journal Times is unsatisfied with your response, the Racine Journal Times will reserve its right to commence a Federal law suit against you and your “publication” under the Federal Copyright Laws. We look forward to your response.

kkdither said...

Hi Joe, nice to see you around again. Thanks for the warning and sharing your unfortunate experience.

My take is this:

What was posted here was not reporting of news. It was three sentences... quoted and cited from their publication. A link to their original site and article was provided. It is more promotion of their "fine establishment" than anything else. We bring viewers to their site with reference to them as such.

It was cited so that discussion could take place concerning this topic, not to provide news value through additional information to viewers. Under free speech, I don't believe we have comitted any faux pas.

Joe said...

I am always around :) We are not sure what the JT's issue is, I guess they want to hold us accountable for user submissions as well. Not much we can do for the moment, We have responded and are awaiting the hand of god to strike us down. I agree you guys cover your buts well, we are now checking everything we receive via e-mail as to not step on big brothers toes again. Keep up the good work!