Friday, May 1, 2009

More State Child Care Funds Looted - Racine DA Twiddles Thumbs

"A Kenosha County child-care provider whose fraudulent activity was detailed in a Journal Sentinel series this year is back in business - billing the state for more than $1,400 in recent weeks.

"Angela Hale never officially shut down her day care operation but stopped billing after the newspaper detailed how she charged the state when she wasn't actually taking care of children.

"The Racine County district attorney's office has been investigating the circumstances surrounding Hale and the Racine mother who allegedly took her kids to Hale's home-based day care.

"No criminal charges have been filed against either. Nor have Kenosha County regulators yanked Hale's child-care certification.

"Adelene Greene, head of the Kenosha County Division of Workforce Development, said Kenosha County couldn't take action against Hale because the children she was allegedly caring for were from Racine. And Hale's work hours were submitted to Racine County regulators for approval.

"'We cannot handle a Racine situation,' Greene said."

Eh, it's only Racine, it's only children, it's only public funds, right, Nieskes?

Party on!


OrbsCorbs said...

"The Journal Sentinel found that Hale had been filing paperwork claiming to care for the same five Racine County children seven days a week for nearly eight months straight in 2008 while their mother, Katria Wright, supposedly worked second shift for a lawn-care service.

"That lawn-care service was run by Hale's longtime live-in friend. Hale claimed to have cared for Wright's children while the mother reported she worked for the lawn service on New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and the day she gave birth to her seventh child.

"The newspaper staked out Hale's house for five days when Hale was supposed to be caring for the children.

"The children never showed up, yet Hale billed the state anyway, records show."

What, me worry? Party on!

OKIE said...

Orbs, do you know if they are still getting away with this?

Beejay said...

Mary, sounds like they are from the article! Our tax dollars at work!

OrbsCorbs said...

Mary, yes, they're still doing it. They waited for the outcry to quiet down, then started again. Since the Racine DA has filed no charges, the state just pays the "bills."

Is there some particular reason that Racine has to be the toilet of the state? Is there some particular reason that Racine officials charged with overseeing local government and law enforcement do not do their jobs?

Ah, what do I care? Dead babies, a pedophile mayor, free money for criminals but not a cent for working people - who gives a shit? It's First Friday! Go downtown tonight and get drunk! Party on!

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show when you make a rule someone is immediately trying to fudge with it. If you get away with it you think it's funny. Meanwhile all of us who obey the rules pay for it.Cheating the government, social security, disability, unemployment, stealing from stores, utilities, and on and on. Yes WE pay for it.

hale-bopp said...

I would like to state that I am in now way affiliated with Angela Hale.

OKIE said...

My guess would be to keep this story going. Call the D.A.'s office and harp on them.
And excuse my naivete, but how does one work at a lawn service in the evening or on New Years Day for that matter?
Is there a fraud hot-line. Bug them about it. Once the story dies, people will forget and that is just plain wrong.
It just makes me crazy when people abuse the system the way they did but yet nothing has happened to them.