Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Weakland says he didn't know priests' abuse was crime"

“In the early years of the sex abuse scandal in Milwaukee, retired Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland says in his soon-to-be released memoir, he did not comprehend the potential harm to victims or understand that what the priests had done constituted a crime.”

Confronted by a pedo-priest, I was fourteen years old in 1966 and I knew that child molestation was a crime, but an Archbishop of the Catholic Church in the 1990’s did not, right? And he didn’t think it would do any damage to the victims, right? So he reassigned pedo-priests over and over again to prey on the children of the Diocese.

And today he is a free man, publishing his memoirs, honored by the religious community.

This is the type of thing that causes revulsion to well up within me to the point of explosion. It is so sick, so twisted, such an insult to decency and morality, and yet this bag of pus is considered by many to be a “man of God.”

Party on!


OrbsCorbs said...

No profanity-laced invective here today, folks. I’m not going to let this crap own me anymore, but I also cannot let lies and filth of such staggering proportions pass without comment. It is times like these when I most fervently hope that there is a hell, for then I will surely meet Rembert when I get there. I have a surprise for him.

Unknown said...

I am completly horrified by one one the statments made......One was said to say..."It's not a problem because the children will grow out of it"..........Are they frickin kiddin me?....How the hell do you grow out of abuse?.It's something you carry with you for life like a big ugly scar.

kkdither said...

People do whatever it takes to rationalize things they have done so they can go on... This statement seems like a very lame attempt on his part to explain his abhorrent behavior.

This reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies, "House of Games"....

The character asks:
"What do you do when you have done something unforgivable?

Her mentor and psychology teacher responds:
"When you have done
something unforgivable, I will tell you exactly what to do....You forgive yourself."

OrbsCorbs said...

I really don't care much about Weakland - he is an obvious fraud, liar and pervert. But the Church continues protecting this type of scum. How can you preach that "God knows everything" crap while you're hiding crimes? To me, this is absolutely no different than the Holocaust or any other crime against humanity, but still they preach on, spattered with the blood of their own children.

SER said...

In my book, Weakland is lower then wale shit!

Anyone who believes this guy is a “man of god” is just as mentally deranged as him.

Too bad Jeffrey Dahmer isn’t alive, we could feed this piece of shit to him...holy meat!

Beejay said...

I would begin to wonder what was in Weakland's closet....somehow I don't get how he can even state such things. kk, you are right, it couldn't get much lamer than this explanation!

Toad said...

Orbs: Darn near sounds like a politician speaking doesn't it.

I must admit. That is amazing. When I was a kid and went to church every Sunday, even way back in the early 60s priests seemed to be transfered ALOT? They always seemed to end up in Butler WI. It NEVER occured to me, but they were always really popular. Maybe it was just a coincidence?

OKIE said...

I wonder (as a former Catholic) what is the pennance (Sp) for abusing children? Is it 6 Hail Mary's or 5 Hail Mary's and two Lords Prayer? Hmm.
Did they honestly (and I think yes) think that they could just go to confession every week and everything would be okay?
That is why I left the Catholic Church. Always preaching to me what I needed to be doing but yet they allowed this to go on? Sorry, but I think this is no different than those nuts that think prayer will cure their children instead of medicine. Praying is good but in these instances, jail would have been the answer.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wonder how all of these whol-ier than thou feel if their pennance should be 5 years in jail with a butt loving cell mate named BUBBA- Whose your daddy now?