Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working Class Hero

I know this has been posted before. Sorry, but sometimes I HAVE to listen to it to clear the CRAP out my head. $40,000 to an "artist" who laughs at us while thugs openly shoot up my neighborhood at night.

One of these days, someone is going to get very, very crazy in this city and a lot of innocent people are going to be hurt. A lot.

STOP feeding lies to us!
STOP taking our hard-earned money and giving it to scammers and thieves!
STOP telling us that wrong is right!



kkdither said...

Excellent tune. While it is honorable to fight the good fight, one has to know that they are of no value to anyone if they take so many hits they become unable to handle anymore.

Fight the fights you can... one man can not shoulder it all. And try to remember that your voice here is heard by many more than you fathom.

Sassa said...

i KEEP SAYING THE WHOLE WORLD (sorry caps) is going nuts. We are broke and they keep coming up with stupid ways to SPEND $$. We are supposed to cut down. Sure WE are supposed to cut down. They go on their merry way. What can us individuals do. We are one on one. This country was founded on rebelion..i.e. not making us do what YOU demand we do. We had a rebelion then. What did everyone do during the depression...adjusted, made do, and other than that NOTHING. I think it's time someone comes up with a great idea and we can demand OUR rights. Of course...who is that someone? Our group is okay and pretty soon everyone will say "I'm mad as hell and I wont take it anymore". Oh oh I have a brilliant idea..lets go out at midnight and cut down that 'red monument' and plant it right where that tree was on the city hall lawn. Any takers? I'm in. And please note I am signing my name for a change.

OrbsCorbs said...

Sassa, I love your idea. You're gonna get me worked up again.

The blogs can be good for letting off steam. I was going to delete this one - I didn't expect any comments.

It's the lies that bother more than the actions.

I'm not fighting anyone or anything anymore. I'm just an old boar, bellowing in the woods. None of this crap will ever stop. There are people of principle and there are people of convenience. The latter far outnumber the former.

Sassa said...

Sorry Orbs but I am older than you. Bet you a quarter!

Sassa said...

It's that 'behind the door' stuff that gets me. Then they come right out and tell you what they did and they think they did nothing wrong. Gr-r-r-r-r

OrbsCorbs said...

I'll give you a broad hint about my age: I was born in an odd numbered year somewhere between 1950 and 1952.

Here's Marianne Faithfull doing a live version of her cover of Lennon's song. Sometimes I prefer her studio version to John's original, just because it's amped. Couldn't find that on YouTube. They're getting more and more protective of copyrights.

I assume that politics is at least 80% closed door stuff. I mean, just look at the lobbyists' power over the legislature. It's inane; completely corrupt and completely contrary to the concept of representative democracy. And everyone just wink-winks, nudge-nudges, and the process continues. I also assume that it will not end until the Second Coming, or 2012, or the next massive asteroid impact, or [insert your end of world belief system here].

Sassa said...

I'm beginning to think the world is just going to collapse. Wars all over til no one left. Hint..I got married in 1957.