Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summerfest 2009

For the last two nights, I was a Summerfest rockin' out! Last night I saw Heart with Layla. There we met Joe (aka Rock and Roll Guru.) We had a great time! Joe is an energetic and likeable dude. He knows a lot about rock and roll and knows all about the ins and outs the Summerfest scene. And the stories he can tell....

Heart ROCKED! Layla and I danced and sang the night awayto their hits. They opened up with Barracuda and rocked their way through the night playing tunes like Crazy on You, These Dreams, and Magic Man. My highlights were their moving versions of Zeppelin's Going to California and the Who's Love Reign Over Me. More on the show here and here.

Just got back from seeing Davey Knowles and Back Door Slam. They ROCKED! Davey Knowles is phenominal! He blazed his guitar away through tunes like Outside Woman Blues, Almost Cut My Hair, and Come Home. This guy is a legend in the making!!!

But wait! There's more! We got to meet Davey Knowles! Thanks to Joe again! Davey seems to be a very personable guy. What a night! More of the story here.

Off to California tomorrow...

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Anonymous Mom said...

Drew, you are was a great time both nights! Meeting Davy was incredible, he's AMAZING. Hope you like CA :)