Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Really dont know when I'll be back again..

My days here in my beloved Racine, Wi are coming to an end very shortly. I cannot believe that almost 4 months have passed but alas they have.

I appreciate my time here and am very glad my parents got the time to get to know their grandbabies like they did, but it's time for me to go back to Sweden. I am very happy that I got to meet those of you I got to meet, although I showed up late to one party and then had to leave early from the other. I was quite shy when I met you all in person as I am always, I was hoping that I would be able to loosen up because I have gotten to know all of you online before hand.

It's funny when I got here back in April, I was thinking that 4 months was going to be an eternity (especially when living with the folks again), but it passed by very quickly pretty strange actually. I am however very much looking forward to getting into my routines that I otherwise tire of. I yearn for the food I otherwise find dull, I yearn for the serenity and quiet of our little town that otherwise drives me crazy out of boredom. It is funny how the grass is always maybe just a little greener on the otherside. I guess in some ways I'm quite lucky that I can visit one side and then go back to the other when that grass has lushened up again. It is always kind of difficult because with having 2 homes you never really feel completely at home. There is always someone you miss, or something that calls you to the other side.

I am in the midst of trying to pack 4 months of my hoarding (gotta love the rummage sales!!) in our 6 suitcases and having a hard time doing it. In the middle of that madness my daughters got sick. Mina has had fever since Friday morning went to the doctor today to find a double ear infection, got some antibiotics that was going to cost me $100!!, but the girl did something and got it down to $47 and now Maia was showing signs of fever (100degrees). Sick babies on long flights will not be pleasant..

Anyways, my leaving Racine doesnt change my relationship to JTI, except for that I will probably be around more because I will actually have time to sit in front of the computer. I just really wanted to say goodbye and thank you all for being so open and warm to me when we met. You are a great group of people and hopefully next time I will be more outgoing and kind of get in to the group a little more. So I ask those of you who are here in Racine, please take care of her, I will miss her terribly and to all of you take care of yourselves, I will be seeing you around online. Bye for now..

Why Not?


OrbsCorbs said...

I'm sorry the kids are sick. Isn't that about half of early childhood - being sick? I hope your flight goes well in any case. Maybe they'll sleep a lot.

It was nice meeting you and your family. It's cool to know an Irregular who lives in Sweden. Thank you for visiting. Or returning. Or whatever.

kkdither said...

Marie, it was our pleasure to meet you. Thanks for coming and sharing yourself and your beautiful children with us. I'm sure it will be nice to be back home.

We look forward to seeing more posts from you, especially now that we can put a face to the name. You have to teach us more about your culture and help to keep us more international. (pics are always great) Have a good flight and "talk" to you soon!

Lizardmom said...

it was nice to get a meet the person behind the avatar :)

MinnesotaChick said...

Sorry I didn't get to meet you! Hope your kids get healthy soon. Have a safe uneventful trip back home!

drewzepmeister said...

It was nice meeting you :)

Stoughe said...

Thank you all, I will try to put up some pics sometime.. I will master this computer thing eventually.. Mina seems to be on the mend thank goodness and I think Maia is just teething.. we got some teething tablets and it seems to work well.. so thank you all again.. see you around more soon I'm sure..

Stoughe said...

ok.. again my husbands account was logged in.. it's me obviously Why Not.

Beejay said...

Hope you had a good trip back. It was a delight to meet you and the little ones!