Thursday, September 17, 2009

Realistic Article on Wisconsin's (& Racine's) "Economic Recovery"

"So perhaps the most apt description of Racine is empty factories and full jails. But don't expect to find the Times highlighting such depressing news when they can find an entire dozen new hires in one town to demonstrate the vitality of the 'free market.'"

A tip of the hat to the Racine Post for pointing out the article.


kkdither said...

So, we are a hip artists' colony. Who wouldda thunk? 17% unemployment? We be slackin'.... maybe we can get it up to one in four?

racineuncovered said...

kk, sad part is the actual unemployment rate is higher, people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits aren't counted.

SER said...

Last time I heard, it was 22+%.

SER said...

Damn...I wish they would open a ACORN office here in Racine.

I could go for some of the "easy" money!

Open me an Art Galley. Put one piece of in the middle of the room and sell HO's - liquor in the basement.

OrbsCorbs said...

KRM's backers say that the train is the "game changer" that we need to, I think, shock and/or bankrupt us back into prosperity.

I believe that we'd be better off building a rocket ship. Erect it on the lakefront somewhere. The whole city could watch it grow. Everyone could pitch in. Hale could oversee production. It would bring us together as a community. Kennedy's challenge to get to the moon by the end of the decade was brilliant. In the midst of one of the most divisive wars that this country has ever been involved in, we came together as a nation with immense pride on a July day in 1969.

All Racine has to do is figure out where the craft is going and why. I propose the name The Johnsonic (we might need a little corporate sponsorship).