Monday, October 19, 2009

Just bringing one up from the past

This one was first brought to us (if I remember correctly) by KK.

It a little test on your knowledge and you might just learn something. PLUS it is a good thing, it donates rice to needy people.

Click here to play Free Rice


kkdither said...

Level 45

OrbsCorbs said...

41 and I quit.

Sassa said...

I kept getting 36 and thought this would never end. So I quit. It was too much like 'school' which I left 22 years ago.

kkdither said...

Sassa, it doesn't end. You can "play" as long as you like. It will keep donating rice to those who need it for every word you answer.

The benefit is twofold. It improves your vocabulary and through sponsor donation does something good for those who are hungry.