Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama children not given H1N1 shot despite CDC guidelines

Article here.

WTF. CDC Guidelines are as follows:

"As the health care workforce finalizes its immunizations, health care providers are moving on to immunizing additional target groups including pregnant women, household contacts and caregivers for children less than 6 months of age, all people from 6 months through 24 years of age, and persons age 25-64 with conditions associated with higher risk of complications from influenza."

They want all of America to get this but not the first family?

Yes, I have my tin foil hat on right now, but this is further reasoning why I wont get it.


OrbsCorbs said...

I'll take their shots for them.

hale-bopp said...

From the article you link to, Stu:

"At this time only children with chronic medical conditions are receiving the vaccination because their immune system is not strong enough to fight off the strain."

I am healthy, so I am letting those who really need it go first as well. If they were vaccinated, someone at Fox News would be complaining that they used their status to jump the line.

RWWackoStu said...

HAle, I am not making this a Anti Obama thing, cause Im not. And Fox news has it wrong, because the CDC Guidlines I have quoted, plus the news here in Wisconsin is that Healthy kids should get it. In fact I wouldnt have a problem with the First Family getting the shots first. It might show that even they think the shot is OK. This for me is part of my "tin hat" problem.

hale-bopp said...

Fair enough, Stu, although I still think someone at Fox would make an issue out of it if they got vaccinated while there was still a shortage...didn't mean to imply that someone was you.

I think their kids should get vaccinated just as the guidelines and supplies dictate. I don't think they should make it a big photo op as I don't like seeing the kids exploited (and I think the Bush's tastefully handled their daughter's wedding while they were in the White House).