Sunday, November 8, 2009

Impromptu get-together


I know it's not much warning,

THIS FRIDAY, Nov. 13th

(oh ya, Friday the 13th is about
as classic irregular as it gets!)

6pm @ The Usual Place

Hope you can come out,
we'll have fun!!

RSVP here, and see you THERE!!!

(if this will be your 1st time out
with us, contact me and I'll
make sure we find you)


drewzepmeister said...

Great! I need to get out there and do something! Count me in!

OrbsCorbs said...

After we did this a year ago, I got revved up and bowled again with some friends in Milwaukee. I haven't done it since. I know I've gained weight and become more uncoordinated. Orthopedic ward, here I come!

Lizardmom said...

I"ll be there, and should be interesting, I"ll have gotten up at 2am that morning :)

Sassa said...

Where is the 'Usual Place"?

SER said...

I'll be there...not sure if I can bowl, but i'll be there...long story.

kkdither said...

I will try to make it too. No promises of bowling, but certainly there to socialize. I remember hurting for days after showing off my kegling skills the last time.

Lizardmom said...

sounds like we may be fine with a single lane but I'll still get 2. My tendinitis is flaring up so depending on if it settles down or not will determine if I bowl, but I'll be there!!

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm fine with not bowling at all. We could just sit around and talk, or shoot pool, or play video games.

Lizardmom, you did answer Sassa's question, right?

drewzepmeister said...

Same here.