Monday, February 1, 2010

and January's winner is...

and the winner is...
Congrats again to our blogging spuddy buddy!

Here are the stats -
SER - 31 blogs
KK - 24
Halebopp - 20
Orbs - 13
RW - 7
Drew - 6
Huck - 5
Beejay - 5
Mme. Z - 4
Dogaddicts - 1

LOGJAM, where are you and our strange news?
Come back, we miss you!!
February will be another individual challenge.

Let's give SER a good run for the title :)

Look forward to March,
it will be another guys VS gals !!

Ready, Set, BLOG!!!


SER said...

Dang...I though Boppster was going to kick my butt!

Lizardmom said...

He could if he'd get it into gear :)
you're a tough potato to beat (or is it mash??)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Liz. January wasn't a good month. Right after the new year I got sick with a bad case of Montezuma's Revenge. The toilet got such a workout, I had to take out a home equity loan to cover the water bill. Then we went to Corpus Christi, TX to get away from the cold.....the shower on the beach between the palms had icicles coming out of the shower head. Then we had a death in the family and I got elected to be the PR. Oh yea, then the dog barfed on the carpet.......

kkdither said...

Geeze, I'm chatty... Logjam, you've had your run of bad luck, now things HAVE to start looking up!

Lizardmom said...

welcome back LJ!! We've missed you!!

OrbsCorbs said...

Welcome back, logjam.

Where's Mary? She seems to have disappeared under the ice and snow.

Beejay said...

Welcome back, were missed....O'Mary come home!!!!