Friday, February 5, 2010

Tiger Woods Home

I recently posted pictures of some celebritie's homes. I did post a picture of Tiger’s house...a dog house.

In all fairness to him, I am now posting pictures of his home...nice crib!


OrbsCorbs said...

And a beautiful wife and two beautiful children.

And still he had to play around. I wonder if he is a sex addict?

OKIE said...

I will never understand this. Family, home, career, financial security. And in less than 24 hours it all came crashing down on him.
In this day and age where cameras are everywhere, how could he not know this would come out.
I think it's all about the power. Factor in women who just don't give a damn that they are carrying on with a well known married man and will go on any show to brag about it, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
Personally if I were her, I'd divorce him. When caught, he didn't try to stop it, he tried to get around it.
And lets not forget all of his friends that helped him pull these affairs off. They most certainly will never be welcome in Elin's home again.
He's not a sex addict, he's an idiot.

kkdither said...

I think Mary has it right. Power and fame. He is by far not the only man who has ever fallen to this: Clinton, Kennedy, John Edwards, David Letterman...many a rock star. Beautiful women constantly falling at their feet must be almost intoxicating.

It probably happens to powerful women too, but we don't hear about it as much. Are women smarter in their choices or are men more discreet? Hmmm. Here is a very bad mental image! Don't read on if you can't handle it....Nancy Pelosi is probably getting it on with several mister'esses...

SER said...

Without a doubt, I have the feeling Nancy used/using her “physical talents” to climb the ladder!

OrbsCorbs said...

Oh man, maybe I should be throwing myself at the feet of women with power. Orbs needs a sugar mommy.