Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Seatbelt Law

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Beejay said...

I wonder why people would think it would be a good use of our tax dollars for 'check-points' for seatbelts to be set up???

If they have another reason to pull you over and it is noted you do not have your seatbelt on, fine...but not specifically for something like's a crazy use of law enforcement.

My opinion only....

BTW, I ALWAYS wear my seatbelt.

kkdither said...

I always wear my seatbelt too. I think if they see you not wearing a seatbelt, or especially, if they see children in the car not wearing seatbelts, pull them over and ticket them. Huge medical costs and deaths occur from non-compliance. It costs all of us for failure to use a simple safety measure.

The trouble is...we are setting up so many laws, for so many things. The real crux is that we are not effectively, or are not willing to enforce the really important ones. So, do we jail these people if they have outstanding warrants due to non-payment of seatbelt violations?

The whole world is freaking crazy.

OKIE said...

Down here if they pull you over and you don't have your seatbelt on, its an automatic $20 fine.
My husband got the fine; I always wear my seatbelt. They did pull him over for that very reason.
I agree with Beejay, it's crazy to pull you over for just that.
And I as well always wear mine.

Huck Finn said...

CRAP. I used to skydive without a helmet. I ride motorcycles without a helmet. I DO NOT wear a seat belt unless I'm riding with someone that demands it. I'm surprised KKD is parroting the BS mantra of societal costs.

Big Brother is coming for you, better get your guns and ammo. The more power you give the state, the more freedoms you lose.

The latest one I've heard is, "If we have to wear seat belts why don't motorcyclists have to wear helmets?" WHY? Because we fought for that freedom and stay vigilant. A lesson the general populace gives lip service too and little else.

kkdither said...

Huck, you kidding me? If you aren't smart enough to do this on your own.. someone should make you. I believe cyclists should be wearing helmets too. It is common sense.. not big brother.

When it is so easy to snap a seatbelt, it is my opinion that you have to be stupid not to do so. You are putting yourself and others at risk. You have less control over your car if it were to be hit by someone else if you aren't buckled in place. You also become a missile to harm others in the vehicle without your belt holding you in place. Let's also think of the schmo that has to scrape your brains off of the pavement. You ask quite a bit from EMT's and doctors to care for your broken ass after the fact.

We've learned so much more about safety measures with airbags and vehicle design. Why would you balk at something that is a proven life saving measure and is as simple as a click?

I've witnessed first hand the devastation and suffering of someone who was in an accident and didn't have their seatbelt on.

It isn't so much the costs in dollars... it is the cost of teenagers and children being killed, parents not being there for their children... and of course you can throw the actual dollar figures in for years of medical care... that is, if the person lives.

If you have a medical reason not to wear a seatbelt, get a note from your doctor for an exemption.

Sassa said...

I'm just a chicken s**t. I don't want parts of me laying on the highway after some nut broadsides me. Mine is on everytime I drive except when I drive the garbage to the garbage bin. I know..lazy. Remember it's not you it's all the kookoos on the highway.

Huck Finn said...

KKD huh? I'd have more control if I were buckled in? You assume that people in a accident do all the right things during a accident. Maybe "I" would do the right thing because I've raced and played foolish skid pad games on slippery streets and empty parking lots. The average driver just holds on in a death grip until they come to a stop. The chance of me doing the right thing eve knowing how is slim. It just happens too quickly.

Yes wearing a seat belt will keep you from eating glass or passing through it. Making your kids wear one is good parenting. Laws demanding we wear one and police checks to make sure we do is bad government. Allowing the government to do so is bad citizenship. Citizens demanding these laws are socialists.

Not seeing the socialist aspects of this law is not thinking though the concept. Just another step towards a police state when we allow "safety checks" and etc.

OrbsCorbs said...

I wear a seat belt. I have a friend who was in a 30-35 mph head-on crash. He said the seat belt holding him in felt like someone kicking him in the stomach. His passenger was vomiting. (They'd both just eaten breakfast.)

The libertarian in me says no to seat belt enforcement; the humanist and economist in me say yes (seat belts save lives and costs). The fact is, those who are responsible and buckle up and carry insurance and drive defensively often end up paying the costs associated with those who are irresponsible, one way or another.

"The whole world is freaking crazy."
I agree with that 100%.

OrbsCorbs said...

I also distinctly remember that when they first passed a seat belt law in Wisconsin, one of the selling points was that they would never pull you over just for a belt violation.

SER said...

I an not good a wearing mine. I was in a car crash and ended up with 5 caps and 6 root canals plus a broken arm. No seatbelt; I cleaned the rear view mirror right off the windshield with my mouth. You think I would have learned!

If you read some of the stats, most accidents happen within a 20 mile radius of your home, which makes sense because that is where you drive the most. Going to the store or meeting a friend for coffee and the like.

Many people who die in accidents are thrown from the vehicle. Chances are they would have lived if they had their belt on.

The other day there was an interview with a Milwaukee cop on the news about the law. This short chubby little snake eye piece of dokie, you could tell just the way he talked, he is not interested in stopping you for a seatbelt violation but if he can catch you for having a drink or other outstanding warrants and the like. What a dick!!!

Why Not? said...

I'm with KK, It's not only your life you are affecting by not wearing a seat belt or not wearing a helmet while on a motorcycle, if you stop and think about the other people involved.. An accident happens, something that a helmet or a seat belt would keep you safe and if you decided not to wear those things and you end up dying or getting maimed , think about the other person involved (passengers in the car or the other person in the other vehicle).. Now they were involved in a fatal car accident.. No matter if it was their fault or not, it's very psychologically damaging. Then you have the workers that have to come clean up your mess, also costly and damaging. Now I don't think they should have all out check points but if they see you or if they pull you over for another reason then yes, the law should be enforced.