Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cala Boca Galva!

This enigmatic phrase appeared on Twitter during the World Cup last week. Instantly, everyone wanted to know what it means. It came from Brazil, and means Shut up, Galva! It is directed at one of the sports announcers on Brazilian television (much like my harping on the winter Olypmics).

But did the Brazilians on Twitter tell people what it meant? Of course not! Those crazy Brazilians started spreading false info. The first one they spread is that it was a new Lady Gaga song. Problem is, there is no Lady Gaga song of that name. Fortunately, the crafty Brazilians promptly created no fewer than half a dozen videos on youtube in the style of Lady Gaga that incorporated Cala Boca Galva! See the sample below.

Now they couldn't stop at one hoax now, could they. The second reference is that it is a campaign to save a rare Brazilian bird. Each time you tweet, 10 cents will be donated to save the Galva. They even made a promotional video for that campaign as well.

And no good meme would be complete without the obligatory Hitler video.

Hope that stays up...Youtube has taken down lots of the Hitler parody videos using this scene recently due to the DMCA nonsense.

Almost makes me wish I had tweeted "Shut up, Costas!" during the Winter Olympics!


kkdither said...

And we buy it... hook, line and sinker.

Jim Gaffigan, a comedian, tells a pretty good joke about Evian water. He said when the French proposed selling bottled water in America, someone questioned whether it would be profitable. The French guy scoffed, "They'll buy it, just say it is from France."

OrbsCorbs said...

The internet has spawned an entire universe of memes. I love it.