Monday, August 23, 2010

Can Sex Offenders be Cured

I read this article and the first thing that came to mind was Becker.

You decide if they can be cured....

Can they be tell me


kkdither said...

You read things like this and just feel so awful. I believe it is a mental depravity. Much like homosexuality, I don't think a permanent change is possible. I think what turns someone on, sexually, is what turns them on.

Homosexuality, however, is consensual. It does not prey upon someone who is not mature enough to make choices. Pedophilia is rape, or assault, as defined by law.

I guess you can maybe alter their reactions and potentially stop pedophiles from acting on it... but it seems that the urge overpowers the rationale in more cases than not.

Unfortunately, I believe that the judge should have given him more years in his sentence, just in case he survives longer. If he is still acting on his urges at his age, he needs to be locked up for good. Very sad.

OrbsCorbs said...

How many children has he molested since his 1991 conviction, but not been punished for? We'll never know. And how many prior to that? I was reading an interview with a pedo awhile back. He said he had contact with hundreds of children before he was caught. I don't think Becker was an aberration. I suspect there are many more pedos in positions of power and trust. They protect each other, as the Catholic Church has done for centuries.