Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Family needs communities help - Wanted party on the run with children."

Bumped, because she is still on the run, more pictures are available at the link below, and the Racine Post is now linking to the story.

Originally posted September 1, 2010, at 2:08 PM:

"The Racine District Attorney has issued a warrant for the arrest of Deva Keuffer. She is charged with 2 counts of Misappropriate ID Info – Obtain Money Felony H and 1 count of Theft-Movable Property >$5000-$10,000 Felony H. The family is concerned because she has not been seen in a few weeks and does have her 2 younger children with her. The family doesn’t know the condition of the children, their welfare and if they are even in school at this time. She is known to have abuse problems."


kkdither said...

I just read through the long list of comments. Hard to believe the hesitancy of the police to become involved. Hard to believe that someone can successfully hide in such plain sight. Seems like many have seen her, but the police can't apprehend or stop her?

A woman I work with had a warrant out against her and she was at work every day, where she could easily have been found. The warrant was for overpayment from that very employer, who continued to pay her her normal salary. The justice system is insane. One really has to hope to never be in a situation to have to rely on them.

SER said...

It’s to bad a “bounty” cannot be placed on them and let bounty hunters haul them in. I would save on the cost of a police officer(s) chasing around a nonviolent person.