Friday, September 17, 2010

Question of the Day

When a woman is pregnant, how does her body determine what type of blood her baby will have?

A+, B+, AB-....I don’t know. Does her tummy flip and quarter and say, “this is it”?


Anonymous said...


Toad said...

Dominant genes I would think?

kkdither said...

Blood type is determined by family genetics. Babies receive separate genetic code from each parent at the time of conception. There is an additional factor called the Rhesus factor, which determines the positive or negative factor.

A and B are both dominant over O, which means that a child that receives an A blood type from the father and an O blood type from the mother, will have an A blood type.

No coin flipping. It is a done deal right from the start.

Lizardmom said...

so we can't figure the rumbly in the tumbly was the coin toss?? gee, and I thought we finally figured it out :(

OrbsCorbs said...

Right, no coin flipping, because it's more like a roulette wheel inside the woman that decides all of the child's characteristics.