Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's Your Consumer Profile?

Marketers would love to know and probably do. They collect all that credit card data and shoppers club data to figure out how to get more of your dollars.

Marketplace put up a fairly simple tool to find your consumer profile. It's pretty short, so the results I am sure are only approximate. I scored 5/5 for two profiles

City Lights: The Murphy Browns! You are educated, have a great job and are in solid financial shape. You’re a bona fide urbanite and spend much of your time and money on entertainment, sprucing up your home and going to the movies. You’re fit, healthy and like to get your yoga on (oommmmmm). You like to travel and you enjoy the arts. You’re very savvy about clothes and jewelry, and a lot of your money goes to those areas. You also like to get in touch with your inner gambler — playing the lottery and visiting casinos. Just remember, you’ve gotta know when to fold 'em.

Metropolitans: Bond. James Bond. Well, maybe your pen does not double as a bazooka, but there are many similarities! You're young, a swinging single city-dweller, you're finishing up school or getting your hooks into the working world. One thing you do not do is sit around. When you're not exploring exotic reefs or tearing up the slopes, you're doing home improvement projects and helping to save the environment. You're on solid financial ground—with some investments offsetting the inevitable student loans. You're ready to be shaken AND stirred.

I'll let you figure out which parts are right and which are wrong. With such a short questionaire, I think this is almost like a horoscope!


OrbsCorbs said...

Worse than a horoscope. I only scored 4 for 5, but on 4 profiles:

City Commons - "You're young, living in the city and..."
Social Security Set - "Some may consider you long of tooth..."
Dorms to Diplomas - "You're the socio-economic babies!"
Retirement Communities - "You average in your early 50s..."

I clearly entered the 50+ choice for age. They completely missed on two of the profiles.

Why Not? said...

I best fit in one of the profiles, but there were like 5 or 6 of them to choose from.. Like you said it feels more like a horoscope than anything really well thought out. the one that fit me best was

Love and Marriage. Awwwww. You're young and in love. You average in your late 20s, you have kids and you are nesting. You don't have a lot of extra cash, but you don't need it. You enjoy the simple things in life: going to the movies, flying kites, playing soccer, family dinner. You don't have a lot of investments and you tend to play it safe with your money. Many of you also don't have health insurance (ah, the young optimists!)

Well the health insurance thing is moot here and I'm slightly more than my late 20s but close enough. The others were pretty much way out there.. anyone trying to say that I enjoy watching NASCAR would get quite a dirty look from me..

Toad said...

EVERYTHING was BS. I guess they don't consider how a person has already spent ALL of their income. (for years to come)

SER said...

4 of 5 except for the last one, 3 of 5

Anonymous said...

I agree, horoscopes are silly. Who believes that nonsense?