Friday, December 17, 2010

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone! This week sure has flown rather quickly! Can you believe it's getting that much closer to Christmas? More Christmas questions this week...

1) Have you finished your Christmas shopping, yet?

2) What is your favorite Christmas treat?

3) What is your favorite Christmas song?

4) What was the most memorable Christmas for you?

Enjoy your weekend!


Why Not? said...

1) Have you finished your Christmas shopping, yet?
Nope.. but close

2) What is your favorite Christmas treat?
Rice crispie treats

3) What is your favorite Christmas song?
Chorus of Bells

4) What was the most memorable Christmas for you?
The Christmas I got one slipper sock from my grandma.. didn't quite know what to say..

Beejay said...

1. Just a couple small things left
2. I don't think I have one...
3. I love 'em all.
4. The year my husband bought me a bicycle...I had never had a brand new a child I always ended up with some used me cry...silliness.

OKIE said...

1. No but I'm close. It's just stocking stuffers now.
2. Fudge.
3. Little Drummer Boy
4. I'm going to age myself but one Christmas I got a walking doll. Granted I had to help it but I can still remember playing with it and yes, I loved the smell of that doll.

Toad said...

1. NO


3. Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and David Bowie

4. My dad died in 1971 on Dec. 3rd. I will NEVER forget that Christmas without him.

Anonymous said...

1) Are you kidding!
2) I like Toad's answer, but I'll add a beer with it.
3) Silver Bells: It takes me back to the days when Main Street and 6th St. was decorated with the bells and ornaments that were hung down the streets between the light poles.
4) The last one with my grandmother. She had fallen down and broke her hip and was convalescing at West View. We spent Christmas eve there opening a few gifts. My brother and I bought her a pair of slippers. She looked at them and said "I won't be using these." She died shortly after New Year's.

hale-bopp said...

1. When you don' t celebrate it, there is no shopping to do so how do you know when it's done?

2. I'll let you know when people bring in all the leftovers after the holiday!

3. ?

4. I enjoy the what I want but rarely memorable. One year in Racine I went for a run and remember some idiot drove by me, slowed down opened the window and went on a real tirade about how I should be home with my family celebrating the Birth of Jesus on was so surreal and ridiculous that I laughed which seemed to piss him off even more. Probably not quite what you had in mind, but it was a memorable encounter.

Huck Finn said...

1. Finished? I haven't even started! This is how I build my Xmas spirit. If I can't fight crowds and wince at empty shelves, the spirit just doesn't hit me. Gosh I LOVE gift cards.

2. Cookies. ALL the cookies Mom used to make. Choc chip, peanut butter, refrigerator, sugar... on and on and on... Yeah, cookies.

3. "Highway to Hell" AC-DC No, I jest. "Father Christmas" by ELP

4. The Xmas the pole transformer blew across the street. The circuit breaker didn't trip and that thing arced, and sparked for a full twenty minutes. Of course we lost power and heat, and my parents had to wrap our present by lantern light.

Hale Bopp, the rule always was, "If you don't believe in Santa, he don't come." You don't need to believe in a god for Xmas to work a little magic. It can be fun just for the magic that is unrelated to any deity.

Anonymous said...

I want to change my answer for #3 to Santa Claus and his Old Lady.

Anonymous said...

And considering I changed my answer to #3, I want to change #2 also to brownies.

drewzepmeister said...

1) Getting there...

2) Cookies, cookies and more cookies!

3) Please Come Home for Christmas by the Eagles

4) I remember one year my sister woke me up in the middle of the night telling me that we got hamsters for Christmas. And we did!

OrbsCorbs said...

1) I don't buy presents.

2) Original Chex Mix, the real stuff, with the worcestershire sauce and butter and baked in an oven. My sister makes it to die for.

3) "Make It Home" by Juliana Hatfield. "The Little Drummer Boy" by Crosby and Bowie is second.

4) The one I got a special something for a special someone.

kkdither said...

1. Nope

2. I've been dipping into chocolate covered cherries; however, Kleiner is my #1 Christmas love.

3. White Christmas by Bing

4.The squeals of delight when my kids were little. (I do have a favorite picture of Christmas morning with my usually cranky dad on the floor, in pj's, playing with my new Magnus organ.)