Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Do You Shop?

There was an article today in the Wall Street Journal about how smartphones are changing shopping patterns. For those of you that haven't used one, phones have a variety of apps that allow you to comparison shop while you are in the store. I have a few of these programs on my phone. They can search for products you find in a store and tell you where else nearby they are available and for how much (by using your phone's GPS and an internet search) or you an take a picture of the barcode to launch the search. You can look up reviews as well to see if you are getting a good product.

I have used these apps for over a year now. At first I felt a little funny taking pics of barcodes in stores, but the more money I saved, well, I got over it. It saves me running around a lot as well. If I find what I want, I have to go to at most two stores to find the best local price (the first one and the second) or I can bookmark it and order it online later. I have even had salespeople willing to deal when they see me using the cell phone, sweetening the pot to get me to buy there similar to what they mention in the story

So do any of you use smartphones to shop? What do you think of those of us who do? Are we simply leveling the playing field with powerful corporations or being total sleazebags taking advantage of our brick and mortar retailers and using them as a free showroom for Amazon?


Why Not? said...

I think that sounds like a great thing. I would definitely use it. I go to or something like that.. can't remember if thats the site or not to comparison shop but that's not always the greatest s they only take what is advertised on the internet.

There is always the argument and the reason many do not like Wal-Mart that you get a good deal because the company forces the goods to be made as cheaply as possible, paying the workers as little as possible, cutting back on quality. Much of why many companies move their productions out of country..

So now that I bring this up.. I really don't know what I feel. Corporations need the competition to bring prices down, but I'm sure they will not hurt any less because they get less for their product, could very well be those producing those products that will be hurting.

OrbsCorbs said...

I think it's cool that you can use technology to save money. I don't know about the internet vs. brick and mortar stores. I think commerce will evolve the way it evolves, whether it's "right" or not. The computer I'm using was built from parts all bought online. I don't think online shopping wil completely replace stores. But, who knows? This stuff evolves so fast. I can't keep up.

lizardmom said...

I don't have the fancy schmancy phone (not that I would love to have one!), but if I did, I would definitely use it all the time, and think it's a great idea, and don't mind at all that people use it.
'there's an app for that' LOL!