Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Irregular Football League Update

We're in the final week and two underdog teams, the KK Krunchers and The Debate Team, face off for the championship, while the Half-Astrophysicists and the Potato Heads, who must have lost their edge on the bye week, take each other on for 3rd place.


OrbsCorbs said...

RESISTANCE IS (almost always) FUTILE!

hale-bopp said...

All season I have seen the potential implosion of the Half-Astrophysicists. I knew Owens could start pouting at any time...I knew Orton, who started hot, was not likely to stay that way and Denver fans would call for Tebow (and my other quarterback in the auto draft was Kevin Kolb...where is he now?) and my two defenses were Dallas who had a disastrous start after being highly regarded in the preseason and Carolina which I though was a real head scratcher and wondered how the auto draft picked them.

The season started ominously with Kolb and my running back Ryan Grant going out the first week and my kicker Hartley getting benched. It was a fun ride as I found a few gems (Hillis, Lloyd).

It was a fun ride...hoping to peel some Potatoes this weekend!

kkdither said...

I kept saying, I got robbed.... My points were always there. It seemed, once again, that whomever I played, had a great game against me.

We all saw injuries and letdowns. The scramble is part of the fun. Sorry I "took you out," hale. (not)

I've got a rough game ahead of me this week. The Debate Team has been hot, hot, hot.... I'll do my best to support the irregular team! :)

With my overall disinterest in sports, it has been a very fun ride, who would'a thunk???

hale-bopp said...

I could spot the trends, kk. I scored the most points during the regular season and you were second...toward the end,however, mine were going down while yours and the Debate team's were going up.

kkdither said...

Yep, hale. You put together a bad-ass team, for sure. Did you lose to anyone else? I think I got lucky both times I played you.

hale-bopp said...

Adrain Peterson didn't play last week. Of course, I needed about 150 yards and 3 touchdowns out of him to catch you! Antonio Gates has been out for several weeks now as well.

But that's just part of the game, both in real life and fantasy life!