Saturday, December 18, 2010

Journal Times Up To Their Old Tricks Again

I read a story on the Journal Times site this morning about the Dino's Restaurant street camera: If you're a regular reader of Racine Uncovered, you already know about the camera. People there have had access to it for months. A few of the comments on the Journal Times story noted that fact and took the newspaper to task for not covering the "Miracle on 16th Street," the fundraiser organized by Racine Uncovered and Dino's to benefit the children of Racine.

When I returned to that Journal Times story later today, the comments referencing Racine Uncovered and/or the Miracle on 16th Street were gone. I checked Racine Uncovered, and sure enough, there is a story about it:

It brought back memories of how the JT Irregulars started in response to censorship at the Journal Times. Nothing that I saw in today's deleted comments was lewd or libelous. The Journal Times just took down the posts they didn't like. The people who did that are our city's representatives of the "Fourth Estate," our defenders of the First Amendment. How sad. They also represent Lee Enterprises, a large media conglomerate, while Racine Uncovered is run by one volunteer.

Merry Christmas, Journal Times and Lee Enterprises. May the blessings of the season somehow find your hearts.


lizardmom said...

yet another another reason I've not looked back, except to look up obituaries...

kkdither said...

I rarely go to the Journal Times website. I still get too angry.

I posted a comment at Racine Uncovered. The people of Racine should know this is not a one time problem with the city newspaper. We are being fed only what they want us to hear. That is dangerous on so many levels.

And, it doesn't even take into consideration how they simply delete public opinion or comments that they "just don't like." Or, how they STEAL stories from other sites and then turn around and bully and threaten those same sites with legal action.

Remember the threats we received when we mentioned something that was originally an AP news story? Remember the formal letter received by Racine News to cease and desist? Unreal.

Anonymous said...
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hale-bopp said...

Even the spambots are interested in the Journal Times comments policy!