Monday, December 27, 2010

Zero Views

We share popular youtube videos here quite a bit. What about the other end of the spectrum? The videos that don't get many views. Let's take it even further...videos that don't get ANY views. Not from their friends, not from their families, not from their own mothers, not even from themselves!

A few weeks ago, On the Media featured a segment about Colin Fitzpatrick's site 0 Views. And he makes sure that the videos aren't ones that have just been posted that no one has seen. He makes sure they have been up a while and no one has seen them. Seems almost inconceivable with the number of searches that someone should click on everything sooner or later, but it least until the videos make his site...then they get some views.

I got to post one of the videos...a bunch of kids lip syncing the song "Having Fun Isn't Hard/When you have a library card".

Just something fascinating about the videos that no one sees!


kkdither said...

Cute but a little creepy. Glad I could add a hit to their counter for them.

You never know what video will go viral... Just a mention on Tosh.O could do it. At least this one promoted education??

It is boggling to think of all the stuff that is out there, including us!

OrbsCorbs said...

Has he discovered any genuinely funny or entertaining videos? Or do people who upload those all have friends who check out their videos?