Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my poignant penguins! How are you? My, what a difference a week makes. Last week it was snow and then the deep freeze. Now it’s slush-o-rama. This is not a good time of year to stand out near the traffic lane while waiting for the light to change at a crosswalk. You could very easily get splashed with a dirty mixture of ice, salt, and snow. I know that from experience. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t wearing any “dry clean only” clothing that day or a certain driver might not have made it home that evening. Oh my.

Of course, of course, I do not have to report what we all already know: the Green Bay Packers triumphed over the Chicago Bears last Sunday to win the NFC Conference Championship and a trip to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas on February 6, 2011 to face the AFC Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Oh my, indeed. I feel terribly sorry for the bad press that Mr. Jay Cutler, quarterback of the Bears, has received for leaving the game early in the third quarter. (That’s him on the right in the photo, meeting with our Mr. Aaron Rodgers after the game.) I’m sure that he will overcome it. Just like our glorious Packers will overcome the Steelers in the Super Bowl! That’s my prediction and I’m standing by it.

In response to that prediction, I was honored that Ms. kk composed a limerick featuring me in the comments of her recent Packer Poetry blog:
Here it is:

A prediction from Madame Z
How accurate will it be?
How good it would feel
To put a hurt on some steel
And send home the Lombardi trophy!

Oh thank you, Ms. kk, for writing about me. I would do anything I can to help our magnificent Packers win. Awhile back, a commenter was ridiculing our Packers for their name, mocking them for deriving the name from meatpackers. Which makes me wonder: do they even produce steel in Pittsburgh anymore?

And as long as I’m already a little on edge, I would like to most stridently state that the dreaded Zoltar® Curse has been placed upon the perpetrators of the hacking attack on Racine’s beloved “Racine Uncovered” news/blog site ( You can run and you can hide from the law, your family, or even yourself, but no one escapes the dreaded Zoltar® Curse, no one. It is difficult for me to believe that some people are so hateful as to destroy the work of others done for the benefit of our community. Poor parenting? Lack of morals? Lead poisoning? I don’t know, but the shrinking of your genitals shall soon overcome you. Oh dear.

Finally, for our edification, I present, “The Illusion of Peace!”

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” I’m just an old hippy at heart.

Peace to all of you, my dear readers, irregular and otherwise. Thank you so very much for stopping by to peruse my blog this week. I so enjoy spending time with you. Tell your friends: “Madame Z, she’s for me!”

Please send your queries, comments, and Nigerian bank scam emails to:

Enjoy your week, my dear friends. Believe it or not, the days are growing longer. Slowly, but surely, old Sol will rise again in the sky. Outshine him with your smile. Velleity!


kkdither said...

Thank you, Madame, for posting my limerick. I am happy you approved.

I have noticed the lengthening of the visible light. Each day a few more minutes pass before I have to reach for the artificial light switch. I so look forward to more benign weather and sitting outside in the evening until the mosquitoes chase me in.

Huck Finn said...

Thanks for the grin. Cutler in a skirt.

OrbsCorbs said...

Given the momentousness of the occasion, I don't think it would be out of line for you to give the Pack extra help if they need it at the Super Bowl, Mme. Z. (Wink, wink; nudge, nudge.)

MinnesotaChick said...

A friend sent me this picture, I was going to post it here but you beat me to it MZ!