Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my warming trendsetters! How are you? Hasn’t it been lovely to watch so much snow melt? And ugly, too, when it reveals all the dirt and debris beneath. Those huge piles of snow by the lake in Pershing Park are incredible. I drove by and almost expected to see a St. Bernard dog with a keg of brandy on patrol up there. Never in my life have I seen such accumulations of snow in Racine. We really are getting a break with the warm up to melt it, as long as flooding doesn’t occur.

Racine’s mayoral primary was yesterday, so Eric Marcus and John Dickert will face each other in the April 5th election. May the best man (Eric Marcus) win.

It’s been a slow week, my dears, so I don’t have a lot to blog about. Now that the Packers have secured the Super Bowl, I should let you know that I am not a March Madness type girl. Basketball has never moved me the way that football does. It must have something to do with all that brute, male force in football. Oh my.

I know there is a major brouhaha occurring now over our new governor’s budget bill. I don’t think that anything I could say would add to the debate. I tend to keep my opinions focused on more local issues, where my voice is more likely to be heard. When I have insomnia, I call my alderman and complain about problems in the neighborhood. That’s how I do my part.

I was happy to see Mr. OrbsCorbs’ blog concerning the return of the Racine Post. Those gentlemen over there have always done such a marvelous job of covering the Racine scene. While I’m heaping on the praise, I should also mention Racine Uncovered and the marvelous job that Ms. Beth does on reporting crime and political shenanigans in Racine. We are fortunate to have such a vibrant online community.

Finally, I assume that you’ve already seen this, but in case you haven’t, here is the cutest Volkswagen commercial:

Thank you, thank you, dear Irregulars and regulars alike, for taking time to read my blog today. I so enjoy your company. It’s soothing to sip a cup of coffee, watch the snow melt, and read the JT Irregulars. Are you already anticipating the first blossoms of spring? I am.

Please send your campaign dirt and bomb threats to:

It was very slippery went I went out earlier today. Be careful out there, my dears. The snow may be melting, but there are still huge piles at some intersections, limiting your vision. Take your time and you’ll get there. Tyrotoxism!


SER said...

Snow goodness they are the worst I have ever seen. They have to be 3 to 4 stories high.

My daughter and I drove past them and she made a comment, it will be June before we will be able to see the lake again!

racineuncovered said...

Thanks madame, there are days believe me that I am sorry I ever started that site lol...They are more things happening that will be reported on in the very near future :)

OKIE said...

I remember back in the mid 70's having over 40 inches on the ground. That didn't include the mounds of plowed snow. We had to put flags on our cars so people could see us at intersections. Don't miss those days.
Our snow piles are disappearing daily as the temps have been in the 60's. Hooray for that!

OrbsCorbs said...

Yes, Mme.Z, Racine Uncovered and Racine Post are both excellent local websites.

Those snow mountains down by the lake are daunting, almost oppressive.

kkdither said...

I do not want to harp on the Governor's budget issue more than to say it IS a local issue. If you take 18% of pay away and dissolve union representation, there will be many repercussions to our economy, the quality of education for our children, and much more than I will go into here. There is a wonderful article on JSOnline if you want to followup.

Dr. Shaw, RUSD Superintendent and Bill Van Atta, school board president, who one would think would be in agreement with dissolving unions and lowering wages, wrote a wonderful letter in support of our teachers, assistants, and clerical employees, saying we work toward excellence and compromise in Racine, a poor and very ethnically diverse population. He asked the governor to support our schools by supporting the collaborative efforts of the employees of RUSD in their effort to improve education for Racine children.

Here is the article if you care to be more informed.