Saturday, February 5, 2011

"DPW truck watches citizens remove snow and calls police"

This is interesting. Racine Uncovered reports that Dino's Restaurant and Twins Food Mart on 16th Street took it upon themselves to hire a contractor to remove the dangerous snow mounds on their sidewalks. A DPW truck driver sat in his truck and watched the process for half an hour, then called the police. The police responded and found no problem. Read and see about it here:

I wonder what the DPW driver's problem was?


kkdither said...

What kind of law did he think they were breaking? Where did they take the snow to dump it?

I'm not sure the guy needs to lose his job, but there should be some disciplinary action. I do think he needs to be told to DO his job and not sit for an hour to observe this. A simple phone call could have resolved his concern.

Overall, I think the city did a decent job of moving all that snow, even though it took awhile. This was nothing like we've seen in a very long time. The best thing about the storm was that business and industry was smart enough to shut down and not risk lives by putting people out on the roads.

Beejay said...

You have got to be kidding me...what kind of idiot would call the cops for something like this. He needs to be least some pay docked for not doing HIS job.

OrbsCorbs said...

I like the comment on RU's site that maybe he was reporting someone stealing snow.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dpw guy was pulling a "New Yorker" (remember the city pouting city workers engaged in a work action screwing up the clean up because contract negotiations).

lizardmom said...

'hello police? I want to report somebody else doing my job...'
loser... hope they get into trouble for their laziness

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