Monday, February 14, 2011

Why Doesn't Anyone Tell Me These Things?

The Racine Post is back, sort of:

I think this is great news, even if the site will not be the same as before. I've truly missed the Post. I hope they have some input on our upcoming mayoral election.


kkdither said...

When they were at their peak, I was not a daily reader of the post. I did mourn when they decided to disband. The alternate voice in Racine is so necessary when our local newspaper chooses, censors and gives a biased view of what news our citizens hear.

The funny thing... I went to the Post's site a week or so ago, just to see if anything new was posted. It wasn't.

Welcome back, Pete and Dustin... while I didn't always agree with everything you posted, your return and hard work, even in a limited form, is a very good thing for the city.

OrbsCorbs said...

I've missed the Post terribly. I almost posted a blog about it recently. I'm very happy to see this "rebirth," but I'm saddened that it is in such a limited manner. I assume the whole thing comes down to making a buck. Dustin certainly deserves to earn a living. When I was thinking about writing a blog about missing the Post, I thought about the Journal Times' e-edition, which costs $10 a month. Having lived without the Post for awhile now, I would gladly pay 10 bucks a month to enjoy it again. Sign me up.