Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my shimmering shamrocks! How are you? Just think, spring officially arrives this coming Sunday, March 20th. Hurrah, hurrah! This past winter wore on me. We had our humungous blizzard and a few dips below zero, but it wasn’t the weather so much that bothered me. It seems like almost everyone I know encountered some personal strife this winter. When I told my tale of woes to a friend, he/she usually replied with even worse troubles of their own. And before that could sink in, I would hear of another friend or relative with other problems. And then another. They piled up so that I felt like hiding in my home for days on end. It has been a winter of emotional and/or physical torment for me and many people that I know, so I hope that our problems fade with the melting snow. Bring on the sun! Crank up the wattage! Spring upon us, spring!

I want to express my deepest sympathies and condolences to the people of Japan. The tragedies which have befallen their nation are horrific. I pray for the rapid rescue of survivors and the swift rebuilding of their country. May the nations of the world extend their goods and helping hands to Japan. May we each do what we can.

You can meet and greet the candidate that I endorse for mayor of Racine, Alderman Eric Marcus, at upcoming forums and meetings. Racine Uncovered has all the details as usual with one of their informative articles: I’ve taken the liberty of copying the list of Mr. Marcus’ appearances from RU and reproduced it below. I hope they don’t mind. You can meet Mr. Marcus as early as tomorrow:

March 17th – Racine Taxpayers’ Association Candidate Forum – 7pm
March 18th WRJN Radio Candidate Forum - 9am
March 19th WRJN – 9:30am
March 21st Landlord’s Forum - Buckets - 6pm
March 22nd Dino’s Restaurant “Meet the Candidate” - 6pm
March 24th City Haul Lounge “Meet the Candidate” – 3:30pm
March 25th Marcus Historic Home at 1520 College Avenue “Meet the Candidate” – 6pm
March 29th Greater Mt. Eagle Missionary Baptist Church Candidate Forum – 6pm

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my beloved Irregulars! Don’t forget, the holiday starts tomorrow, Thursday, March 17th:

Unlike the fellow in the above video, please use a little restraint if you intend to celebrate tomorrow. You should wait until at least noon before you start guzzling booze. Oh dear no, I’m sorry, that was a sick joke. Please use a designated driver or a cab if you’re going out tomorrow to have some drinks. I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to any of my precious Irregulars. I so appreciate you taking the time each week to stop by and peruse my blog. We are family and must watch out for each other. If any of you happen to accidentally overindulge tomorrow and have no way of getting home, please contact me and I will astral project you to your destination. Be forewarned, however, that astral projecting is an inexact science at best, especially when second party transportation is involved. You might be better off staying sober than risk ending up embedded in one of your home’s walls. Oh my.

Learn the secrets of your future or bury those of your past – contact Madame Zoltar®:

Watch out for that green beer, my dears! It has left more than one reveler a little green around the gills. I love you all and wish you a wonderful week! Ranunculaceous!


OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, Racine Uncovered and Mme. Z, for the info on Eric Marcus. It has been a long time since I voted for someone instead of against someone. I'm looking forward to it.

SER said...

Madame Zoltar, you have to show up, I do believe it would shock the hell outta a few of them...!