Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

I know, I know, it's raining and overcast in Racine, and it's 36 degrees.  Nonetheless, it is officially the first day of spring!  Hip-hip-hooray!  


kkdither said...

I think I can actually see things greening up out there. I love a good rain, especially one with thunder and lightning.

Spring Rain by Sara Teasdale
...With the wild spring rain and thunder
My heart was wild and gay;
Your eyes said more to me that night
Than your lips would ever say. . .

I thought I had forgotten,
But it all came back again
To-night with the first spring thunder
In a rush of rain.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Yes I like the sound of rain. If it was a thunderstorm at night it would keep me up. I would rather the ran than the snow anytime.

KK I really like that poem. It is really nice.

Why Not? said...

It was a beautiful day here in Sweden around 50 degrees and sunny.. too bad we still have a bunch of that white stuff I wish not to mention anymore on the ground, but a few more days like this and it shouldn't be around much longer..

Happy Spring!!

OrbsCorbs said...

Most of ours is gone, Why Not, except where it was really piled up. Of course, we've had snow in April and even May, but I think things are looking up.

I agree with THB about the poem, kk.

Why Not? said...

How are the piles down at Pershing?? I saw pictures of those bad boys couldn't believe it..

OKIE said...

For our first day of spring we are enjoying 81 degrees. The trees have sprung their leaves and life is in the air.
The only downfall is we need rain and lots of it. Things are pretty dry down here.
And now I must go pick the asparagus that is coming up in the garden.

Sassa said...

Nice poem, KK. Here's mine..

Spring has sprung, the grass is rizz.
Wonder where the flowers is.
Oh gosh Oh gee Spring has sprung
but not for me.

Stolen of course.

SER said...

Why Not - Snow piles look terrible, black and full of junk. The are still fairly high in places; at least taller then a story maybe 2.

Tender Heart Bear said...

I can't wait to see the leaves on the tree's here. Then I know the warm weather is here to stay. The rain melted the ice in the backyard and now there are a lot of puddles. I would rather that then the ice and snow.

OrbsCorbs said...

Yes, the trees budding in are beautiful. There are a lot of spring flowering varieties, too, not to mention the shrubs and flowering bulbs. It's a gorgeous display if you pay attention.

kk mentioned the birds chirping in another post and I've mentioned them, too. That's another part of spring I love: the return of the birds and their songs. It almost, almost makes winter worth it.

Beejay said...

kk, love the poem....aaaah...beautiful weather here as well. But NO RAIN. I love thunderstorms as well....