Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mayor Dickert Bullies Marcus Backer at Local Restaurant

"Then, on Friday, Rubel saw the mayor at Rooster's Restaurant, 1521 Yout St. Dickert put his hand on Rubel's shoulder, spun him around, and told him he hoped he had a license for solicitation for making campaign calls for an opponent, Rubel told police. Dickert reportedly patted Rubel on the back and told him he would be keeping an eye on him."

I don't know about the spying, but I know the incident at the retaurant occurred because I have spoken to others who were there.  This is our mayor, who also sends the police to the homes of residents he wants to intimidate. He is a bully and a liar. We deserve so much better than lying John.


OrbsCorbs said...

I hear Dicker rt was blown out of the water again at the debate with Marcus at Buckets last night. We've just been declared number 1 in state unemployment and lying John keeps spewing about the jobs he's brought to Racine. What jobs? The City Administrator job for his cousin that will cost us over a million dollars? What the hell is he talking about?

SER said...

I heard through a very good source ding-dong (Walker) will/may be in town at the Marriott Hotel this coming Friday.

This is a fundraiser; they are charging $50.00 a plate to attend. If our major attends and charges the city for his plate, throw him out of office for stealing from the taxpayers of Racine.

Unknown said...

SER, you are referring to the annual Lincoln Day dinner for the Racine County GOP.

Governor Walker was invited but has not accepted the invitation.

I can assure you the Mayor is a partisan Democrat and he will not be in attendance.

Your very good source is wrong.

kkdither said...

Van Holland, Walker, they were all invited. There have been no formal rsvp's that I've heard of.

Well, I'm attending... I'm not eating, though. I can't afford what they are selling!!! I will be one of the many on the side of the road, wearing Wisconsin union red, welcoming all the supporters of Walker's bill who have large sums of extra dough left to donate. I've never picketed before, but I've never been this resolved to make a change.

These folks deserve to be honored. They have robbed our children, devastated the working class, will be robbing our elderly of their health care, and the disabled the income they rely on to survive.

These pro-Walker supporters choose to have secret votes to push their agenda through... all the while ignoring a growing voice outside of their door of Wisconsin opposition. Their tricks are failing and becoming more evident every day.

Let the bashing of kkdither begin. I've spoken my mind again.

Sassa said...

Way to go KK! I just sit here and complain ...and do nothing. You are my hero!

kkdither said...

I am no hero. Anyone can come who feels they need their voice heard. It is at the Marriott Hotel, across the street from Case High School, from 4:30 to 7pm. Wear something red. All you have to do is stand there to show your support. I'm sure it will be cold and I won't last the entire time.

Many who initially voted for Walker are now angry, as well. When he campaigned, he was very vague on how he would balance the budget. I would venture to say that everyone agrees that there needs to be a reduction of services and we need to be more fiscally fit. I believe there is still a lot of waste that could be trimmed... including in education.

In my opinion, it is wrong to make such drastic cuts to education and our schools, to hit the middle class with such high taxation while funneling huge amounts of money to corporations is wrong. Yes, we need jobs. Jobs won't come unless we have a viable job force, which means an educated workforce.

The trickle down theory has never worked. It hurts the middle class and actually creates a dual tier system of haves and have nots. The benefit is only to the uber rich. I don't want my money going for anymore bailouts or contributions to corporation owners. Wisconsin already gives the most in concessions in taxation to new business and still we can not draw enough jobs.

kkdither said...

Orbs, please forgive me for hijacking your blog. I know we have gotten way off topic.

OrbsCorbs said...

I don't mind in the least. Comments have a way of developing organically. And I don't mind some political jousting, either, from all sides. This is the USA. This is how we run our country. It's messy sometimes, but it's still the best damn country in the world to me.

It's interesting that you are now moved to action by political events and so am I. Your fight is with Walker, mine is with Dickert.

kkdither said...

I think we both have valid fights. I wish I had enough energy to take on more. Things seem to be so wrong on all levels. Take care of yourself, orbs.... it is easy to become overwhelmed with the stupidity that surrounds us.

SER said...

I still can’t believe when you have 2/3 of the State of Wisconsin residents telling the Governor they do not want this bill passed, yet he insists on trying to kill the unions!

I wish I could remember where I read the article regarding the 2/3 majority of the state.