Sunday, March 13, 2011

Melt down, radiation and you

I have been reading the spin put out by Japan and the Nuclear agencies. Folks, they are lying to us and the world. Nuke plants are cooled through a double loop system and the core coolant NEVER comes in contact with the outside world. Unless of course, there is a leak. When Hydrogen is split from water, Oxygen is also produced. H2O. Two atoms of hydrogen, one of oxygen. This is a VERY explosive mix. Why do you think hydrogen has been looked at as a fuel?

The explosion that blew the roof off the containment building was caused by vented gases straight from the core. The "containment" building is supposed to contain leaks from accidents. OOPS sorry there is no building to do this anymore. What's more, there is no double loop cooling system and sea water is being pumped directly into the core. That water has to go somewhere. whups, right back out into the ocean. It is picking up flakes, pieces and debris from the "partial meltdown" and flowing right out to sea.

The spin by the spin doctors is full of holes. One article claims you are only in danger from short exposures of high radiation. Well, if that's the case, why do Xray techs hide when they give Xrays? The answer is radiation damage is cumulative. Low doses over longer periods are just as bad. The reason for the spin is because we need to embrace an energy source that will produce after we run out of fossil fuels. If everyone is afraid (and rightly so) of the nuclear boogy man, it won't sell. No need to let the people panic and stop a money maker like nuke energy.

Oddly, it is no longer easy to find jet stream weather patterns for the far East. When I called up the jet stream maps for my research, they linked instead to temperature maps. I found that very odd. Not too odd though, it goes hand in hand with the placating "experts." Don't look behind then curtain boys and girls. I did eventually find world jet stream maps, and lets just say, you don't want to know.

Never fear, your local government disaster agency has plans for quick and easy radiation detectors you can make at home. They work and are a fun project for the entire family.


Sassa said...

I thought something wasn't right when their announcements came out different every time. When the Japanese authorities said No radiation..I thought..they sounded just like our government..spoofing a little. Thanks for your explination.

OrbsCorbs said...


kkdither said...

Just watching the newscasts of the surrounding building exploding and the "poof" of exhaust/whatever that came off of it... doesn't take a genius to know that this is very bad.

Of course they are going to downplay it to keep hysteria from occurring. 13 mile evacuations seem to be a bit too small. I'd want way out of there.

Huck, if you build that little contraption, what good will it really do you if it lights itself up? By then... you are probably already toast.

SER said...

Finn-man... debris from the "partial meltdown" and flowing right out to sea.

Where do you think they get "Blue Fin Tuna" from? is a very sad situation...