Saturday, March 19, 2011

No, not more war

What kind of lame brained idiot starts a three front war? Obama was supposed to STOP wars, not make more. What doesn't he understand about a stretched thin military? Nothing more than a closet Conservative. He has pushed forward more conservative issues than any "Liberal" president in the last fifty years. If it wasn't for the fact he is black and of the Democratic party, Republicans would embrace him as one of their own.

Good thing no one here has kids. The draft is right around the corner.


kkdither said...

I am so disappointed that we are heading into more trouble, too. I'm not so sure we can blame this on Obama.

People taking to the streets in protest, wars breaking out all over, nuclear plants in meltdown, earthquakes, terrorism, violence and hunger everywhere... what the heck is happening?

Huck, I don't like hearing about the potential for a mandatory draft. My son falls under the 18-24 year old criteria.

OrbsCorbs said...

Generally, war is good for the economy. I've heard many people say that WWII is what ended the Great Depression. I'm not even going to comment on the moral issues. What's the use? Humans have waged war on each other since we appeared on the planet. I liked the old Star Trek episodes where advanced races would analyze humans and always point out how violent we are.

When you consider that the US is involved in nations and cultures that clash markedly with ours, it just makes it worse. How do we do battle with suicidal zealots who believe that their God wants them to kill us, as many as possible, by any means possible? They see it much as we saw the Crusades - Holy War (which, or course, should be a contradiction in terms, but the masters of destruction pervert language because it helps them to profit from death).

Why Not? said...

Freaks me outs, my beautiful little, very sensitive niece is thinking about joining the military.. I don't know if she truly knows what that means.. She only hears the recruiter say things will be so great when she gets out, lots of money and a good education..