Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notice To Those With JT Irregulars Gmail Accounts

Hello Google Apps user,
Important changes are coming to your Google Apps account. Your account will soon be converted and start working more like a full Google Account.
What this change will mean for you:
  • Access to many more Google products. You'll soon be able to use all the Google services that your administrator allows you to access with your account.
  • New sign in option. You will be able to sign in to Google services from the regular sign-in pages (like Your username is your full email address.
  • Data ownership. All data contained in Google Apps accounts continues to be owned by your organization, and is subject to's terms and conditions. Learn more
Prepare yourself:
  • For more information, we encourage you to review the Transition Checklist. The Help Center also has answers to many common questions (note that you won't be able to view the full Help Center until you've been transitioned).
  • If you have other questions, please contact your administrator.
We hope you enjoy your new improved Google Apps account!
Your Google Apps administrator

Google said that we had to upgrade or it would be done for us. I sent the above message in an email to the accounts, but the upgrade took place before you could read it. I enabled all of the features that they offered.

When you go to access your account for the first time, Google will ask you to accept the upgrade and their terms of service. Please do. It may then ask you to switch accounts. Again, please do.


The Sheriff said...

I'm already having trouble with some accounts. We registered here with non-Google email accounts and it appears that they now want to switch us to our jtirregulars Gmail accounts, but some passwords are not being accepted. Stay tuned...

OrbsCorbs said...

When I logged into my JTI email account, it asked me to switch accounts. I agreed. Then it prompted me to create a personal blog as I think the problem is that none of us registered on blogspot with JTI email accounts because they didn't exist back then. In the past, when I've been logged into the JTI as, I could open another tab and log into my JTI Gmail account as I don't think that's allowed anymore. You have to be logged in as one of the other. Or I could be wrong.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Thank you Sheriff for the info. I will check mine out.

kkdither said...

Thank you, sheriff. You take such good care of us. I have so many different accounts and logins, already I can't keep things straight. I certainly don't want to somehow merge my account and then not be able to login to what I need.