Monday, March 21, 2011

Open Blog - Monday

Same to you, little fella.  That's quite a twitch you got there. 


lizardmom said...

I had high hopes of it starting out wonderful, then I got woke by high decibel, earth shaking snoring... and stories from kid #2 telling me the horror stories of many things at work dying during her closing shift (and I get to open...)
I think I should go back to bed and hope I'm having a nightmare, yikes!
here's hoping it will still somehow turn out well!!

Marie said...

I'm sitting on the train to a town called Kristianstad.. It's a very fast train that runs very smoothly and it makes me feel funny in the head, but it is only a 2 hour ride, plus I got 1st class tickets (that for whatever reason were cheaper than the regular tickets when I bought them) and I get free internet on board and a refreshment bar, quite nice feel quite spoiled.. Too bad couldn't find such great deals on 1st class plane tickets.. now that is something I would like to experience someday..
I don't know where we are traveling through right now,but it must be colder here cause they have a lot more snow left than we do at home.. yuck yuck yuck.. hope it changes soon, cause I only packed a thinner jacket with me because they have been promising me warmer weather..

Happy Monday everyone.. I hope your day does turn out well LM..

kkdither said...

Happy Monday, everyone. It is not so Mondayish feeling for some reason. I guess I should be grateful for that! :)

Why Not?, are you traveling for school or for pleasure? I've flown first class on an upgrade, once. It isn't that luxurious anymore. They served me a glass of champagne and the food was better than the schmoes got in the rear of the plane. Other than that, not much else different.

jedwis said...

Monday sucks. How in the hell can I not pick one team in the NCAA pool to make it to the final 4? I like your hair KK. Yeah the 1st class thing is now a joke, it use to be a BIG deal. I remember flying on Midwest express and having those gormet meals with real silverware and those cute salt & pepper shakers, which I always thought about stealing but never did. Schmoes, haven't heard that used in a long time, thanks KK

Marie said...

Traveling for medical reasons (nothing big don't worry) sometimes if they can't get you in on time (they have a 3 month guarantee) in the area you live around they will send you other places in Sweden, so I'm being sent to Kristianstad (you don't have to of course but everything is paid for trip and overnight stay at a BnB) so I figure what the heck why not take the trip for a little me time..

I would love to fly first class mostly for the room.. especially now with 2 little ones.. not looking forward to cramping us in a plane for 9 hours.. I did fly business class one time as an upgrad from screwing my travel on the way home once.. it was alright.. like you said a glass of champagne and you got a little white table cloth and nicer food with an actual chef.. I loved the seats with one touch of a button it would recline you back in a "sleep" position.. I've seen those chairs that is basically a bed when reclined.. it was nothing like that but it was definitely more comfortable than coach.. for a 9 hour flight anything is appreciated.

hale-bopp said...

I got to take the TGV from Paris to Strasborg a few years ago. I didn't have a first class ticket, but was still impressed at what a fast, comfortable ride it was.

The problem with rail in the U.S. is that we have never had (and still don't) a strategy to create a national network of efficient passenger rail. Europe has a good system since they have been working on it for the better part of the last century. What passes for high speed rail plans in the U.S. now is a line here, a line there with no future plans to create a coherent system.

lizardmom said...

happy to report I survived the day - yay!!
went in, conquered machine #1 into submission and it behaved all morning, next up machine #2, another success!! that leaves machine #3, surprisingly I fixed 80% of it's problem, and another manager finished it off and we got it working for a little while, when I left, it was being disassembled and taught a lesson :)

OrbsCorbs said...

There you go, LM! Whenever I want to discipline my machinery, I disassemble it. If it's been very bad, sometimes I wait awhile before I put it back together.