Thursday, March 24, 2011

Report NSP Violations to the EPA Online

It's very easy to fill out and submit. I just said that we have a federally funded Neighborhood Stabilization Program that has already been caught violating lead abatement laws and is doing it again. It's been reported to the state, but they don't seem interested in doing much about it. And I posted links to news articles about the NSP lead violations and lack of follow-up, such as and You can submit a complaint anonymously.

One or two of those complaints will probably mean nothing. A few dozen might get them to start thinking about what's going on in Racine.

Party on, lying John!


educationreform said...

The EPA contracts for DNR services and The DNR moves like molasses, its a morass of bureaucracy.

racineuncovered said...

Well I filed one too Orbs with EPA, have a lot more pictures too!

RaScene said...

Thanks for finding the submission form!

OrbsCorbs said...

I know they're slow. I don't expect the EPA to swoop down on Racine and cart off Dickert. But maybe they'll contact the state and say, "Hey, are you looking into this?" Every little bit helps. I can't just bitch and bitch anymore and not do anything. I am starting to talk to people. I had a conversation with a neighbor today. I think he'll be voting for Marcus. Every little bit helps.