Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VOTE FAIR - Tuesday, April 5

Listen to Keith Fair's telephone message to 1st District constituents: http://www.toofiles.com/en/oip/audios/wma/dm200023.html

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OrbsCorbs said...

Mr. Fair would not have voted for this:



Our aldermen hired lying John’s cousin to be city administrator for six years without even knowing what his salary or benefits would be. There was no search done to fill the position, no applications, no interviews, no nothing, just lying John saying reward my cousin for not running against me in the election, and, bam, our aldermen vote 12-1 for nepotism. That was just the first corrupt act by lying John in his two years of rewarding his cronies with public funds and bullying his enemies, even using our own police against us.

I’m no fan of Mr. Fair, but I know that he would not join lying John’s good old boy network of liars and thieves. That’s why I’m voting for him.

Sassa said...

I think hiring relatives/friends-with-$$ is almost a given. If someone is going to give me $1M for my expenses and I give him/her a job..this gives you food for thought. Also if you run a corporation/organization and need to hire someone, and a relative needs a job...there you go. Not moral/legal..of course not. But it is done all the time. IN EVERY FAZE OF BUSINESS. Thing is to elect someone who has intelligent friends and relatives. One time they had a list of all the people who work for the city and the names of their relatives who worked there also. Very surprising. I knew one name and they said he had one relative working there...but I knew for a fact he had seven. I don't condone it I'm just saying it goes with the territory.

OrbsCorbs said...

There are procedures for search, application, screening, background checks, interviews, etc., when filling a high level local govt job. That procedure was by-passed. That's why Alderman Mozol voted against it. And again, the rest of our aldermen voted yes BEFORE they knew what the salary or benefits would be. How much more irresponsible could you be with other peoples' money? WTF!!! Do you sign blank checks and trust others to fill in the "correct" amount?

Saying "that's the way it's always been" is bullshit. There have always been criminals, so we should just let them do what they want?

"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."
-- Edmund Burke

kkdither said...

I think if you are the owner of a corporation, and you hire your relatives from your earnings... you have the right to do it. It stinks, but it is done all the time in business.

HOWEVER, if you are using taxpayer money, not your own companies money, the stink factor increases exponentially. If it isn't prohibited, it should be.

The fact that the aldermen kissed the ring and allowed a position to be filled, not following procedure, and not having a dollar figure in place, is also wrong. I'm not sure if any laws were broken, but if there is no procedure in place, that sure should be rectified.

Toad said...

Orbs: Good for you. One of my most hated statements Is "That's just the way It works, Is, Happens to be, whatever Is, using your words "BULLSHIT" My belief Is that If some people had a broader idea of what REALLY Is happening out In the real world they would be surprised. Nepotism does NOT belong In ANY taxpayer funded position. EVER, Qualified or not. Does anybody find It odd that the Leader of OUR State Assembly, and Senate are BROTHERS, AND the father of the two of them was named the HEAD of the WI. State Patrol? The job was given to their father by Walker less than two weeks before he dropped the bomb. I call that extreme nepotism.

Toad said...

Orbs: I guess It's just you and me. Seems everybody was pretty serious about politics on JTI? Oh well I got tremendous satisfaction spouting off. Of course you know. It could be worse.

OrbsCorbs said...

I do most of my political spouting off on the Journal Times site now. We've become friends here and don't want to hurt each others feelings. Right after I posted that "bullshit," I wondered if Sassa's feelings would be hurt. Besides my concern for her feelings, I also happen to know what she packs in her purse. ;-)

kkdither said...

As you know, I have a very short wick lately concerning what is happening in politics. As you all know, the bulls eye is directly on my head. I try so very hard to keep my mouth shut... well, most of the time. I, too, feel my friends are more important than their political views.... (no matter how wrong they may be!) ;>

I feel very bad that logjam left the JTI, as I felt he was my friend. But, he is master of his domain, so they say, and can do as he pleases. I wish he would come back, but I also feel that we should all have the utmost right to vent when we feel the need. That is what the JTI is all about.

Toad said...

If people cannot be friends, even If they have differing opinions In politics, they were never really your friend. Should I find a persons comments are not appropriate, and nothing helps that person understand, I just don't discuss much of what they write. Sometimes some things are just better off NOT said.

OrbsCorbs said...

My mailman put the Keith Fair flyers in each individual tenant's mailbox. Today, he dropped of the Jeff Coe flyers in a bundle with the other junk mail on the radiator. That stuff gets thrown every night by the manager. The mailman must be a Fair supporter.